25 interesting facts about the Rock Dwayne Johnson

American actor "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson undoubtedly familiar to every one of you. During his life he had become not only one of the most successful wrestlers in history, but also to conquer the hearts of fans of fighters, she appeared in a large number grossing films. I present to you a selection of interesting facts from the life of the actor.

He played for the "Calgary Stampeders' in the Canadian Football League
Dwayne Johnson starred with Douglas Flutie (Dough Flutie) for the Calgary Stampeders team (Calgary Stampede) in the Canadian Football League, after he failed to get into the National Football League because of injury.

His role in The Mummy has led to the fact that he then played a major role in The Scorpion King.
Before he was offered the lead role in The Scorpion King, he starred in a supporting role in the movie The Mummy Returns.

In 1999, he became the first champion to the World WWE (World Wrestling Federation)
Dwayne Johnson won his first WWF title in 1999, just two years after he joined the Federation.

In the early 2000s, he was earning an average of about $ 120 million a year
At the peak of his popularity his average salary is about 120 million a year. These amounts include its participation in WWE and fees for shooting movies.

He played the role of his father in "That '70s Show»
In one of the first episodes of "That '70s Show" Dwayne Johnson played the role of his father, who was also a wrestler. The name of the series was "Wrestling Show" and it is in this series, Scala said about his father as "the most incendiary man in sports entertainment».

He played the role of an alien in the movie wrestler Star Trek
In one of the movie Star Trek Dwayne Johnson was able to find a middle ground between wrestling and acting skills. He was the first superstar of WWE, she appeared in Star Trek: Deep Space 9, where he played the role of an alien wrestler and warrior Pendari (Pendari), whose name was Tsunkatse (Tsunkatse).

His understudy in many action scenes is his cousin
In most of his action scenes, Dwayne Johnson enlists the aid of his cousin, Tanoay Reed (Tanoai Reed), who is his understudy.

His role in the Fast and the Furious film series was not originally designed it
Screenwriter Forcing actually planned to provide a role in the film Rock the older actor. However, fans were eager to see Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel in a movie, so he decided to rewrite the script for the character Dwayne.

He participated in the shooting of the music video hit in 2000 «It Does not Matter»
Dwayne Johnson is not only starred in movies and variety shows, and music videos. One of the first music videos in which he starred, was the song Wyclef Jean (Wyclef Jean Trach) «It Does not Matter», released in 2000.

He is the first professional wrestler in the third generation wwechampion2011.
Of all the famous professional wrestlers in the history of wrestling, Dwayne Johnson is the first third-generation wrestler. His grandfather and father had been a professional wrestler, have become quite popular in the sport. His grandfather, Peter Maive (Peter Maivia) was the Supreme Leader (High Chief) WWE, and his father Rocky Johnson (Rocky Johnson) was also well-known wrestler.

He grew up in various places
As a child, Dwayne Johnson moved a lot from place to place, as his father was also a professional wrestler. He was born in Hayward (Hayward), California, but his family moved to other places, such as Pennsylvania, Hawaii, California and New Zealand.

The success of the series "Saturday Night Live" has paved the way for him to Hollywood
When Dwayne Johnson has successfully starred in several television comedy shows nightly, and the transfer of "Saturday Night Live", several Hollywood studios are interested in them and offered several roles. It is through this transfer, he was able to get to Hollywood.

The Madame Tussauds museum in New York, USA, has a wax figure, dedicated to him
The museum, which is a famous tourist attraction in the city, are reproductions of famous show business stars such as Rihanna and Katy Perry. Wax figure of the Rock is one of the most popular in the museum.

In 2013, he put into practice his dream of becoming a leading producer and
At a time when he was engaged in wrestling, Dwayne Johnson decided to become an actor. After he succeeded in acting career, he decided to move to the role of the leader and producer. His dream came true in 2013, when he was invited to become a leading producer and "Hero" - gaming and competitive reality show.

His acting career blossomed with the film "The Scorpion King»
Due to the success of his first film, The Scorpion King, Dwayne Johnson became popular actor in the genre of fighters. Since his debut, he has participated in several other successful films, including "The Rundown," "Walking Tall," "The Game Plan," "Race to Witch Mountain," "Tooth Fairy," "Fast and the Furious 5" and "Fast and the Furious 6».

For his role in The Scorpion King paid him 5 $ 5 million
The first major role Dwayne Johnson was in the movie The Scorpion King. He received as a fee 5, $ 5 million - staggering amount considering that it was his first film.

At the moment he prefers wrestling shooting in film
Dwayne Johnson said in an interview with Entertainment in 2006, he no longer sees himself as a wrestler and became interested in an acting career in the future and wants to become a director. "I do not rock. I Dwayne Johnson, "- he said.

He is recognized as one of the greatest professional wrestlers in history
Dwayne Johnson is the only professional wrestler who became a 17-time champion of WWE. Of this number, 10 times he became the champion in the heavyweight division. He also became intercontinental champion twice WWF. In 2000, he became the champion in the Royal Rumble and became the champion in three categories in the sixth show WWF.

At the beginning of his career in the WWF Duane he played under the name Flex Kavanagh
When Dwayne Johnson started his career in the World Wrestling Entertainment, its original name was in the ring Kavanagh Flex (Flex Kavana). A year later he became a member of the group Nation of Domination (Tribe Dominance), where he has become a recognized leader. Only then he began to use the name "Rock».

The first book was published by the Rock in 2000
The company «Harpers Entertainment» published in 2000, "says Rock» (The Rock Says) - the first book of the Rock. This book is funny and full of action memoirs, which describes the life of the Rock in the ring and outside it. The book begins with his childhood traveling around the world with his father. The book won first place in the list of best-selling New York Times.

He divorced his wife in 2007
After ten years of marriage, Dwayne Johnson and Danny Garcia (Dany Garcia) decided to divorce. Their only child, Simon Alexander (Simone Alexandria) is now with his ex-wife. Dwayne pays 22 thousand dollars a month for daily needs of her daughter, plus 5000 on top of her education.

He married his girlfriend, who met at the University of More, Danny Garcia in 1997
In 1997, Duane married his girlfriend, Dani Garcia, whom he met while studying at the University of Miami. Danny graduated from training at the University of Miami in 1992 and became a member of the Board of Trustees of the University a few years later.

He played for the University of Miami football team
While studying at the University of Miami (University of Miami) Dwayne has received several proposals from various programs of the First Division (Division I), who saw him as a great sports potential. After many offers, he decided to act on the defensive position of Tekla for the team the national championship, Miami Harikeyns. Unfortunately, he did not get in the National Football League because of injury.

It is part of a dynasty wrestlers
Dwayne Johnson is not the only wrestler in the family. Moreover, it is part of a long dynasty of wrestlers. Peter Maive, his maternal grandfather was also a wrestler. His maternal grandmother, Leah Maive (Lia Maivia) is also a professional female wrestling promoter. His father, also the wrestler was Soulmenom world of wrestling at one time.

He was born May 2, 1972
May 2, 1972 the world-famous wrestler Dwayne Johnson was born in a family of Ata Johnson (Ata Johnson) and Rocky Johnson in Hayward, California. He, along with his mother, retained their citizenship Samoa, despite the fact that he also has Scottish roots. His father comes from novoshotlandtsev black and mother is from Polynesia.

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