An all-electric car Kia Niro will be released in 2018

Kia will bring to market a fully electrified version of the Niro crossover in 2018. About it said chief operating officer of Kia Europe Michael Cole.

Along with this revelation, made in an interview with the Dutch edition of AutoRAI, Cole also noted that the new Niro Electric model will use the same powerplant, which is equipped with 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Electric (Hyundai and Kia are sister companies).

We will remind, today the Kia Niro is a plug-in hybrid (PHEV), equipped with 105-horsepower gasoline engine, the electric motor of 32 kW and a traction battery capacity of 1.56 kW*h total drive power of the Korean crossover is 141 HP According to the manufacturer, the combined cycle car consumes 3.8 l / 100 km.

If we talk about the performance of the new model Hyundai "Ionik", it is equipped with front-wheel drive powertrain, comprising the electric capacity of 88 kW (120 HP) and a battery capacity of 28 kWh. the power Reserve on a single charge of the electric car "Hyundai" is in the range of 280 km (NEDC cycle). The cost of the machine in the US is 29 $ 500.

It is worth noting that Hyundai currently working to improve its new electrified platform and plans to launch 4 new electric cars by 2020. Updated can also Ioniq and Electric, having the power reserve is closer to 400-500 km. published

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