KIA will release a car on fuel cells by 2020

The company KIA Motors, part of Hyundai Motor Group, intends to bring hydrogen car to the commercial market by 2020.

KIA plans to create cars with the power plant on hydrogen fuel elements told the Vice-President of the center for environmental technology (Eco Technology Center) group, Lee Ki-San (Lee Ki-sang).

According to him, initially the market will hydrogen crossover under the brand Hyundai: this machine is expected to go on sale next year. Then, at the end of the decade consumers will be offered a model KIA powertrain fuel cell.

It is noted that this development schedule is due to the fact that Hyundai Motor Group has no resources for simultaneous design, testing and promotion of several hydrogen cars. Besides, it will reduce the cost of creating the hydrogen model of KIA through the use of already tested technologies.

We would add that research the KIA in the field of fuel cells began in 1998, and on its base was created a limited edition KIA Mohave FCEV, capable of one gas station to travel up to 690 km. published


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