Bus the Toyota fuel cell will go on sale next year

Along with Hyundai and Honda, Toyota is one of the companies implementing hydrogen as an alternative to gasoline and diesel fuel. Releasing the cars on hydrogen fuel cell Mirai, Toyota has invested in a network of filling stations and infrastructure to support fuel cell vehicles and recoup the sale of its 77-seat fuel cell buses. Sales will begin early next year.

The fuel cell bus the Toyota fuel draw out of 10 of the high pressure vessels capable of holding 600 litres (132 gallons) of hydrogen gas at 700 bar. Power comes from two electric motors with a capacity of 226 kW (303 HP) and 670 Nm (494 lb.ft) of torque.

In addition to supplying power to the bus, the fuel cell can act as a generator in emergencies. With a capacity of 235 kWh and a maximum power output of 9 kW, at Toyota say that the bus can be used to power the stadiums or houses in the time of a power outage.

Toyota is testing its hydrogen bus in 2015 in Japan, and with other companies were running the tests in Hamburg and in the North-East of China in 2009. Bus fuel cell is expected to go on sale in early 2017, and there are also plans to bring 100 such buses on the road in Tokyo ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic games in 2020. published


Source: newatlas.com/hydrogen-fuel-cell-bus-toyota/46058/


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