Cars on hydrogen fuel. What is the advantage?

What will drive the cars in a few decades. One of the alternative sources of fuel is the hydrogen. Talk about the benefits of using hydrogen as a fuel for cars.


Soon it will be able to use hydrogen as a fuel for the internal combustion engine in the hybrid vehicle, and by the end of the decade, might be able to buy a car at the so-called fuel cells, which generally have no engine. As a source of energy it will use hydrogen, which is safe and environmentally friendly: the only emissions will be water vapor, automobile exhaust pipe will turn into a gutter.

The most abundant chemical element: it is contained in water, oil, and natural gas. We also know that hydrogen is in the gaseous state is extremely volatile, and for years it was a big barrier to a hydrogen economy.

Vehicle refueling with hydrogen is fast and simple and take away the same amount of time as refueling with gasoline. Experiments have shown that it is possible to split a container with hydrogen, drop it, pierce it, throw it into the fire and even to take up hybrid compound inside — all without harm to humans and the environment.

Also, scientists together with auto manufacturers to develop alternative sources of fuel besides hydrogen.


The first production car fuel cell is Toyota Mirai. Consider its principle of operation.
Toyota Mirai — in fact, an electric car. The electricity is generated in the unit fuel cell by the interaction of oxygen and hydrogen. An electric current passes through an inverter where it is converted from DC to AC and increases voltage up to 650 V. the Reaction takes place without combustion, and “exhaust” is harmless water vapor.

The traction synchronous motor driving the front wheels. Food is not only fuel cells, but also from a Nickel-metal hydride battery with a capacity of 21 kW: it is fueled with regenerative braking and gives energy in sudden acceleration.


First, the psychology of consumers. Few will agree to buy an electric car, despite the fact that the motor is much more efficient, efficiency is higher (95% vs 40-50% for ice). What can I say, if even to hybrid cars, some “experts” condescending attitude. Lack of demand does not allow to develop this sector of the automotive industry an adequate pace.

Secondly, the introduction of hydrogen cars requires the creation of appropriate infrastructure(gas stations, garages). This requires a huge investment. Although it can be assumed that in the long run all costs will be repaid. For example, in Germany now 19 hydrogen filling stations, and by 2023 more than 400 promise. They will also be constructed at the expense of the auto manufacturers who invest a large portion of the funds.

Thirdly, the price of hydrogen fuel. In Germany, one kilogram of hydrogen is about 9.5 euros. And it is enough for 70-100 km. It's terrible expensive, almost 2 times more expensive than diesel or gasoline. And still need to consider the cost of the car on hydrogen, its price is higher in 2 times than the similar gasoline car. published


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