Hydrogen fuel for cars will produce penlight batteries

An international group of experts from Canada, USA and Taiwan reported the development of a simple and economical method of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, which does not require large financial resources. Quite ordinary penlight batteries of format AAA.

As reported by the developers, hydrogen, which is formed as a result of the process, it is suitable for use as fuel for vehicles.

Learn more about the scientific studies you can learn from the latest issue of the publication Nature Communications. Also the summary conclusions of the papers were published on the portal of Stanford University.

The mechanism is that the electric current which flows in the Nickel-iron battery between the cathode and the anode, starts the process of electrolysis of water. As a result, the water is split into oxygen and hydrogen.

Scientists explain that all the processes and reactions take place under normal room conditions, and the reaction is completely environmentally friendly and safe. That is, fuel production by this method does not contribute to worsening the greenhouse effect. In addition, for the first time scientists were able to split water into components, without having to use expensive equipment.

As is clear from the article, such a high efficiency Nickel-iron food sources due to a combination of the two metals. Previously, scientists took for experiments exclusively pure metals or their oxides.

However, the authors do not give precise transcripts of the internal processes of these mechanisms, as they are not yet fully understood by scientists most. Therefore, it is not clear how the splitting of water during "batareika" electrolysis.

It is known that the device on the basis of AA batteries can run for several days. Now experts are working to increase the validity of unusual devices to months or even weeks. In addition, the plans of authors of the project is the adaptation of the solar cell for recharging AA batteries.

The researchers believe that their discovery will be used primarily in the automotive industry in eco-friendly alternative to petrol engines. The cars of the future that will run on hydrogen fuel, you will get inexpensive and effective tool for splitting water into components, which will reduce the price eventually and hydrogen cars themselves, making them more accessible and popular.

Source: zeleneet.com


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