The winner of the eco-marathon shell was a cardboard car on hydrogen fuel

A group of students from the University of Aston (UK) have created an eco car hydrogen fuel, material for which was plywood and cardboard. This car is not only pushed the boundaries of sustainable car design, but also won the eco-marathon shell (Eco-Design Award Shell).

Eco-marathon shell is one of the main competitions for students in the field of innovation. Students and seniors compete the creation of concepts for eco-friendly transportation with a minimum consumption of fuel and carry out tests directly on the marathon.

The goal of the team from the University of Aston was the creation of the hydrogen fuel cell car. The concept was developed as a concept city car of the future. The new eco-car involves an exceptionally high fuel efficiency, and plywood and cardboard, from which is made the car is a model of ecologically-sustainable design.

Innovative eco-car created from sheets of cardboard, which is sandwiched between sheets of plywood. Tires eco-car made from bio-resin, peremeshennoi with jute fibers. As a result, innovative tires can be safely disposed of once unusable. The whole mechanism of the car can be completely and painlessly disassembled, which is particularly convenient during transportation.

Eco-marathon is held annually in Europe, America and Asia. This year for the first time in its history, eco-marathon shell was not on the race track and on the streets of Rotterdam (Holland). The goal of this race is about how to define eco-car that on 1 liter of fuel will travel the greatest possible distance.

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