Football stars 90s

Zinedine Zidane (France)

Phenomenal Zizou retired in 2006 immediately after the World Cup in Germany. Given the incredible popularity of Zidane, could be sure that he will not be gone, but wanted to legendary Frenchman did not forget about football. Zidane himself immediately after hanging up his boots, admitted that he wants to take a break from football. But two years later, he said he would not mind to return to football.

In 2009, Zinedine Zidane became the assistant to the president of Madrid "Real" Florentino Perez, whom he actively supported the election. A year later, the Frenchman was appointed advisor to the President, while Zidane was actively involved in the coaching process, helping Jose Mourinho. However, officially the Frenchman was still out of coaching. In July 2011, Zidane was the sports director of "Real". Parallel to this, he studied at the University of Limoges, where he received a diploma sports manager. Do not forget Zidane and charity, participating in various exhibition matches. Almost every year, the Frenchman took part in some charity match.

A summer of 2013. Zidane finally become a trainer's license, though not yet a chief coach. Zizou became assistant to Carlo Ancelotti, it is known that the French offered to stay on as athletic director, but he insisted on his coaching activities. Who knows, maybe after Ancelotti is Zidane head the "Real».

Ronaldo (Brazil)

Brazilian Ronaldo had a long and successful career, though it was completed not too bright. After Ronaldo decided to return to his homeland in 2008, he spent three seasons in the "Corinthians", which played for a little more than fifty matches. Legendary striker faced two serious problems: obesity and injuries. And struggle with overeating Ronaldo was far more difficult than to recover from the damage.

In July 2010, Ronaldo broke his arm, causing him to require surgical intervention. Also there are unconfirmed reports that at the same time, the Brazilian made and liposuction. But despite all its problems, Ronaldo was still rezultativen in those games when still out on the field.

His football career came to an end in 2011, and this he said back in 2010th. Before his farewell match with the national team of Brazil "Nibbler" told what will do next. Ronaldo opened his agency firms, and its first client became notorious Neymar. In addition, the Brazilian organizing committee headed by the 2014 world championship. So if the upcoming FIFA World Cup will fail, all the questions it to Ronaldo.

Even as a player, Ronaldo is constantly found himself at the center of scandals. And even after the Brazilian's career did not stop "progress." As a result, in December 2010, Ronaldo went on an extreme measure, agreed to the operation of sterilization, as he himself said, "to cover up a factory to produce children." At the moment, "Critters" four children.

Luis Figo (Portugal)

Cristiano Ronaldo is called the heir to Luis Figo. And let these players different roles, their role in the world of football is enormous. Figo spent glorious years in the "Barcelona", "Real" and "Inter". In each of these commands, Figo was a leader and an example for others. In 2000, he was voted the best player in Europe, and a year later - the best player in the world by FIFA.

Figo hang up his boots in 2009, and after a career in the shadow of the Portuguese left. Unlike Ronaldo and Zidane, he did not conduct such an active social life. Luis became the ambassador of "Inter", occasionally participating in various charitable and PR-campaigns Milan club. As Fabien Barthez, Figo big fan of motor racing, and even during his football career, he had to sit behind the wheel of a race car series A1. The truth is a professional race car drivers Figo did not go.

One source of income Figo is a luxury bar, which he opened in his native Portugal. In addition, Luis became the founder of a social network for athletes with Network90 golfer Luke Donald. By using this service, former and current athletes can establish communication with each other, as well as to find the necessary connections. Downright football Zuckerberg.

Roberto Baggio (Italy)

"The divine ponytail" more than twenty years to delight fans with his play, speaking for the "Juventus", "Milan", "Inter" and several Italian clubs. His football career he completed in 2004 as a player, "Brescia". In Italy actively rumors that Baggio can immediately engage in coaching, but they did not materialize. More in 2002, Roberto became Goodwill Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Own work at the UN has become the basis for the famous striker.

Only in 2010, Roberto Baggio has agreed to return to football. It happened just after the World Cup. Baggio was the technical director of the Football Federation of Italy, and its main task was to find a young and talented Italian players. A year later, Baggio received a coaching license of the second category, which gives him the right to coach in Serie C, as well as being an assistant coach in teams of Serie A and B. In 2012, Baggio has successfully passed all the exams and got the license Pro, so it is possible that soon "divine ponytail" will appear on someone's bench coach.

Gabriel Batistuta (Argentina)

One of the best strikers in the history of Argentine football, nicknamed Batigol hang up his boots in 2005, being a footballer Qatari "Al-Arabi". But everyone knows him only as a striker "Fiorentina", for which he played in the nineties, scoring more than one hundred and fifty goals for more than two hundred and fifty matches. Add to that fifty-six goals for Argentina in the seventy-eight fights and get it - Gabriel Batistuta.

Immediately after the completion of a career Batistuta took the unusual decision to move to the Australian city of Perth, where he lived for two years. As he confessed Batigol, he just did was swim and play golf. Good time, is not it? In 2007, Batistuta moved back home to Argentina, where he successfully qualified as a coach. At the same time Gabriel became engaged in business, in particular, he owns a construction company.

In 2011, Batistuta was in the administration of the club "Colon", where he worked for two years, and then said he wanted to do coaching in Europe. We only Gabriel!

Patrick Kluivert (Holland)

He Klёyvert or Klayvert, as you prefer. Until 2013, the ex-striker "Ajax", "Milan", "Barcelona" and four other teams was the best striker in the history of the Dutch national team, scoring for the "orange" forty balls. However, more recently it has been rewritten achievement Robin van Persie.

Kluivert has completed his career is not so long ago - in 2008, playing for the French "Lille". But for most of his career ended in 2004, when he left the "Barcelona" and moved to England. The last four years Patrick chased injury, and he was increasingly difficult to justify his stellar name. However, admirers of this Kluivert is not diminished.

Immediately after the end of his career, Patrick began to learn the craft of coaching in the Netherlands. According to the Dutch method, all applicants must undergo practical training in professional teams. In the 2008/09 season Kluivert actively cooperated with the coaching staff AZ. The work was productive, and in 2009, Patrick was appointed coach of the attacking team Alkmaar. In 2010, he moved to Kluivert NEC, and in the 2011/12 season coached the youth team "Twente».

At the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil, we see Patrick Kluivert as assistant Louis van Gaal. Who knows, maybe soon a talented striker will become a no less talented coach?

Davor Suker (Croatia)

Shukermen was the idol of millions of boys not only in the Balkans, but also throughout Europe. He brilliantly revealed himself in the "Seville", but the peak of his career came in the end of the nineties, when Croatia played for Madrid "Real". Together with the "Royal Club" Suker won the examples and the Champions League. At the same time, Davor along with the amazing team of Croatia managed to become a bronze medal at the World Cup.

Suker his playing career finished in 2003, as a player of the German "Munich 1860". Suker spent several years out of football, resting on him and spending time with his family. But these players can not stay long in the shadows, and Suker was no exception. Davor decided to open his own football academy in Zagreb. In terms of training young talents Academy Suker was one of the country's leading and fast enough she appeared branches in other cities. Seeing how good Suker is a football field, the Croatian Football Federation offered him the post of president of the Croatian Football Association. Such a proposal could not reject Suker.

It is natural that a number of legendary players were not included in this list. If you are interested in these materials, leave your comments, and we will continue to find out what is now engaged in the heroes of our childhood.

Gianluca Pagliuca (Italy)

I am sure that many Russian fans will remember about this legendary goalkeeper of Italy. His sly smile, stern look and catchy name can not be forgotten. Gianluca Pagliuca is one of the Serie A champions in the number of the match. On account of his 592 games in the top division of Italy. He advocated "Sampdoria", "Inter", "Bologna" and "Ascoli", which included and finished his playing career in 2007 at the age of forty-one years.

A year later, after a career Pagliuca could return to the big football. In Italy actively rumors that veteran can sign a temporary contract with "Juventus" in order to replace the injured Gianluigi Buffon. However, this did not happen, though Pagliuca no secret of his desire to join the "byankonerri." Generally Gianluca not one of those players that wanted to hang up his boots as soon as possible. After the official end of his career he trained several years, hoping that its any of the commands require his services.

Stentorian voice Pagliuca was in demand, and after his retirement, he was invited to comment on the matches on TV channel Sky. After some time, he became a regular presenter at one of the stations of his native Bologna. Moreover, Pagliuca has its own private show in which he is actively discussing favorite Italian football.

Gaizka Mendieta (Spain)

In the nineties, the Gaizka Mendieta played for "Valencia" and without exaggeration, was considered one of the best midfielders in Europe. His parents died when he was just a child, and almost all his childhood he spent in a Catholic orphanage. Who knows, maybe it influenced the incredible composure Mendieta on the field. Gaizka is one of the best penalty taker in the history of football. At the professional level failures Mendieta with "points" can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

In the season 1999/2000 and 2000/01 Mendieta voted the best midfielder in Europe by the UEFA. In these years of "Valencia" reached the final of the Champions League, but lost twice. First, "bats" conceded "Real", and then lost the penalty shootout "Bavaria". After the "Valencia" Gaizka managed to play in the "Lazio", "Barcelona" and "Middlesbrough", but there he failed to shine as brightly as he played in "Valencia". The reason for that has led to numerous injuries, and in thirty-three years he completed his football career.

In 2009, Mendieta in an interview, said he was not against the start coaching career, but so far he has not returned to the big football. Gaizka periodically plays for veterans "Valencia", sometimes he was invited to the Spanish and British TV shows. And in 2013, Mendieta suddenly decided to learn the profession of a DJ. In February last year Gaizka successfully performed in one of the English clubs. It seems that Ruslan Nigmatullin appeared serious competitor.

Fernando Morientes (Spain)

Another legendary Spanish footballer who retired too early. At thirty-four years, Fernando Morientes hang up his boots, but for seventeen years in professional football, he managed to win a huge number of titles. Morientes won the Champions League three times, twice - the championship of Spain, became the champion of France, as well as the winner of the Cup of England, Spain, the French league. In the 2003/04 season, being leased to the "Monaco", was the best scorer of the Champions League and almost won it for the fourth time. Morientes is currently the fifth scorer in the history of the Spanish national team.

As often happens, the reason for the early completion of a career became injured. But it was not the only reason. Morientes - the winner by nature, and he could not become "a veteran on the bench." Turning to the "Marseille" Fernando was hoping to play a key role in the constructions of Didier Deschamps, but instead he was in fact only the fourth of the five attackers "Olympic". In the end, Morientes leaped pride and he decided it was time to finish his career, the more that health is increasingly beginning to remind of old sores.

Two years Morientes was out of the big football, limiting interviews to the Spanish media, but in 2012 accepted the offer of a modest team "Huracan" to become coach of the youth team. Learning that Morientes decided to share their experience with younger players, Madrid "Real" immediately invited her to his legend. And at the moment Fernando coached youth team "Royal" club.

Oliver Bierhoff (Germany)

It is the German national team striker brought victory at the European Championship in 1996, scoring the "golden goal" in goal against the Czech Republic. Oliver Bierhoff - an outstanding striker, who spent most of his career spent in Italy. In the early nineties he played for the "Ascoli" scoring almost every second match. Then he bought "Udinese", and the peak of his career was the performance of "Milan" in the period from 1998 to 2001. Bierhoff leading scorer in the Italian championship in the 1997/98 season, and in 1998 he was named player of the year in Germany.

In 2003, Oliver finished his playing career as a footballer, "Chievo". If many of the players after the completion of his career does not know what to do, then Bierhoff quickly enough got a dream job. In July 2004, Jurgen Klinsmann became the head coach of the German national team, and one of his conditions was the creation of a special post of sports manager of the national team. They became Oliver Bierhoff, who takes her to this day. What does a sports team manager? The issue is complex. It is mainly responsible for the work with the press, and also helps the head coach. Do not rule out that the work had Bierhoff difficult and tedious, but it is suspected that he came up with such a position largely for his services to the national team.

In addition to his managerial activities Bierhoff sometimes commented matches for German TV.

Marc Overmars (Netherlands)

This Dutch midfielder believe his legend just two teams: "Ajax" and "Arsenal". As part amserdamtsev he played from 1992 to 1997, after failing three times to become the champion of the country to win the Cup and Super Cup Holland, as well as the Champions League along with the UEFA Super Cup and the Intercontinental Cup. Overmars was one of the key players in the legendary "Ajax" of the nineties.

In 1997, he moved to the "Arsenal". Londoners paid for it only 5, 5 million pounds, proving that sometimes you can purchase an outstanding player for relatively little money. In the "Arsenal" Overmars spent three seasons, and in each of them he looked great. To his credit a number of crucial goals. It Overmars scored in the FA Cup final in 1998, allowing the "Gunners" issue "golden double».

In 2000, "Barcelona" Mark offered for huge on the standards of 40, 6 million euros. This made him the most expensive player in the history of Dutch football. In Spain, Overmars was more complicated than in Holland and England, but he still showed a brilliant game, despite the serious competition. Mark was forced to retire early at age 31, but he did not do it on their own, and on the advice of doctors to whom he was hit more often.

In July 2008, Marc Overmars took part in the farewell match of Jaap Stam, and showed a game that he was asked to return to professional football. Proposal was received from the command "Go Ahead Eagles," in which Mark began his career football player.


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