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Every time you buy batteries, I thought: what better. There are plenty of batteries for about the same price, there are cheap batteries that are sold only in certain stores - Ikea, FlexPower, OK, there are expensive batteries Duracell, Energizer. Is it always better to expensive batteries cheap?

I have long wanted to compare the battery, and finally I did it.

For the tests used iMAX B6. Each battery was discharged current 0.2A as long as able to give such a current. To confirm the results I tested two copies of some batteries. My experiments took nearly two months after testing each battery took about ten hours. All results are in the table.

The measured battery capacity in milliamp-hours. The voltage measured at the battery within two minutes after the start of the test. After the battery "died" She leaves for a while (usually half an hour), and the test was carried out again, while it gave a more energy - "Capacity 2". The price of one ampere-hours listed in the last column.

More clearly the results appear on the chart.

Upd .: plate, sorted by cost ampere-hour shows which batteries the most profitable.


1. Conventional batteries Duracell and Energizer buying pointless. They are no better than batteries, which are cheaper by 2-4 times.
2. Duracell Turbo Max of 38 rubles each course good batteries, but not so much for them to ask.
3. The capacity of salt batteries three times less than in the cheapest basic (alkaline).
4. Trophy, OK - not very good batteries.
5. Duracell better than the Energizer. :)
6. GP, photon era, Space - good batteries, the difference in the capacity in which less than 10%.
7. The most favorable batteries - Ikea and FlexPower, but they are sold only in IKEA stores and F-center, respectively.
8. Capacity AAA batteries almost three times less than AA.
9. It is possible under certain conditions (such as large discharge currents) expensive Duracell battery can be more efficient than the average current during the discharge, but hardly their capacity will be as above, the same Ikea, their price is much higher (5.5 times) .

And my little beksteydzha epic.



I would even compare FlexPower batteries and Duracell Turbo Max at high pulse currents, for that, I took an old Canon camera and decided to count the number of flash shots he can do. I assumed it would be a hundred shots, but with batteries FlexPower turned out as many as 500 frames, so a Duracell I did not even try - too long and dreary.

Source: ammo1.livejournal.com


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