Scientists have created a battery that can 12 years

A battery the size of a matchbox won one of the most prestigious of international competitions of scientific projects "Sikorsky Challenge", which took place in Kiev. The battery running for 12 years, was designed by Kiev scientists under the leadership of candidate of technical Sciences Vladislav Kiselyov.

According to the scientist, such a battery produces the American company City Labs, however, the amperage of their batteries a thousand times smaller than the Ukrainian. The developers do not expect help from the state, and therefore looking for investors. To do this, and participate in competitions and exhibitions of technical innovations.

"The battery worked for a year and four months and will give the current another 11 years. It can be used instead of electric batteries for mobile phones and cars. One businessman from Turkey is interested in this and is currently in talks with China to Finance the creation of an enterprise for the production of batteries for cellular phones. The success of this project will make mobile phones independent from electrical outlets, " — says the scientist.

The scientist shared the secret of "longevity" of the battery. In development was used natural properties of tritium (one of the isotopes of hydrogen) to emit electrons. Due to the fact that some radioactive substance is tritium, they are safe for humans. It was used in its battery-Americans (tritium covered with solar battery). Get her electrons, due to what is current. Ukrainian scientist is solar cells used the so-called fuel cell (an electrochemical device). So his battery is a thousand times more productive than counterparts in the United States.

The battery holds energy but produces it. Period of 12 years — due to the half-life of tritium. According to calculations of scientists, on the basis of their batteries you can create environmentally friendly power plant of the future. published




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