12 universal things that go to all women without exception

Choose clothes based on the type of shape, height and weight — a rather tedious task. Tired of the age-old question, what to wear, we in the Website have made a selection of things who go completely all women.

Sheath dress

This may sound unbelievable, but the dress looks good on everyone. The main thing — to consider the following. Slender can let a slinky to outrageous option. Girls with magnificent forms should stay on dresses made of thick fabrics that will not be very fitting shape.

If you want to look even slimmer, take sheath dress with contrast side panels.

Shift sheath

Straight single cut dresses help to simultaneously emphasize the fragility and hide figure flaws. Avoid too loose dresses with an excessive amount of fabric. Take its size, to emphasize the silhouette.

Crop top

Yes, you heard right. Crop top is absolutely any woman, therefore, takes its rightful place in our collection. Attention: shorter does not mean short! We are not talking about how to expose bare belly. Your goal is to emphasize the waist and visually lengthen the leg.

Choose to top or just below your waist and wear it with high jeans, pants, skirts or wear over a long top.

Pencil skirt

Pencil skirt adorn the dress with any type of figure. What is especially nice to wear this skirt with almost any Shoe and any top. Want to emphasize a beautiful ass? Stop your choice on a tight narrow skirt. Prefer to hide the problem areas? Take more free straight skirt.

The owners of low growth, such a skirt will also have to taste. Choose a length just below the knee and your legs will seem longer.

Boyfriend jeans

Loose, slightly baggy jeans are extremely versatile. Woman of any body type can afford without the slightest hesitation to put on these jeans and they look stunning. Don't believe? Look at the photo.

Classic pants

Classic trousers — a must-have in any basic wardrobe. The model with a slightly high waist will make your legs visually longer and help hide the tummy, if there is one.


Court shoes a classic shape is able to do miracles. It is the shoes, which any legs will seem slimmer and longer. Just pay attention to the nose of the shoes was not very long, otherwise you'll achieve the opposite effect.

Leather jacket

Any outfit can be improved just by adding a biker leather jacket to the waist or slightly below it. No matter what your clothing size. Put on your leather jacket over the dress, and you're the Queen of style.


Strange to see the sneakers in our collection, but agree that they are all. Thanks to fashion, now we can wear sneakers with any clothing and at any time of the year. Such is the practical and convenient wand.

Wrap dress or wrap dress

Wrap dress is all women without exception. Tie belt and flared, it successfully disguises problem areas, visually creates a type of shape "hourglass". Slender fit any colors and normal should stay on solid models.

White shirt

If there is somewhere women who are not white shirts, we have not yet met. Choosing the right shirt lends a freshness. And you can use it to create a huge number of images.

Straight jacket

Straight jacket fits any type of figure. You can wear it as a pant length at the ankle, and light dresses depending on the image you want to create.

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