Bethesda has announced the imminent release of the beta version of the new part of Doom

The other day was interesting for gamers Information: Bethesda has announced the release date «Wolfenstein: The New Order», and also reported that those gamers who pre-order for this game, access (code) and the beta of the new Doom . Beta testing will be announced later, when it was - is unclear.

Only recently Habré wrote that Doom celebrated as much as 20 years , and here this news. By the way, the developers prefer to call it a new Doom "next part of Doom», rather than «Doom 4».

Release Date «Wolfenstein: The New Order», incidentally, announced on 23rd May. But the release date of the beta version of Doom has not yet been announced. The developers have promised to make the announcement later on, but when exactly is not clear. And the only way to get access to the beta version of Doom - this pre-order «Wolfenstein: The New Order», developers emphasize that there is no other way.

That message from the developer:

What will be beta testing DOOM? How long will it last? H5>

For more information about the content and timing of the beta we will inform later.

When will the beta DOOM? H5>

While you get a code for beta testing DOOM together with a copy of the game Wolfenstein: The New Order, very beta testing will begin later (date to be announced). We will send you news and information messages associated with the start of the beta DOOM, at the email address that you provide at redemption code.

Do you plan to open beta DOOM? H5>

Timing and availability of the next beta testing DOOM has not yet been determined. At the moment, you can guarantee yourself access to the beta, just make a reservation for the game Wolfenstein: The New Order. On further beta testing, if any, will be planned, we will inform later.

* The game included an invitation to the beta DOOM. Will be restricted on the platforms. Only to users 18 and older. The duration, territories and platforms will be determined Bethesda. To participate you need an Internet connection and the adoption of an agreement on the Beta test. Additional terms may apply. Details on the website and inside the package.



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