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October 30 his 48th birthday said the legendary Argentine footballer Diego Maradona (Diego Maradona). On the eve of his long-cherished dream fulfilled to lead the national team of Argentina.
October 28 it became known about the unexpected appointment of Diego Maradona head coach of the Argentina national football team. At home, he is still considered a kind of "football god" and the most outstanding player of the country.

Although in recent years, Maradona's name often mentioned in relation to the numerous scandals involving tax evasion, chaotic relationships, abuse of alcohol and drugs. He also actively supports the left-wing political movements and became famous for his friendship with Cuban leader Fidel Castro, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and boxer Mike Tyson.

Diego Maradona will hold the first match in the new position coach of the Argentine team against Scotland on November 19. After that Maradona will be officially approved by the head coach of the National Football Federation.

Meanwhile, we offer you the pictures of the life of this controversial but undeniably great football player of the last century.

In Argentina, there is a "Church of Maradona", which was founded by a group of friends and fans in the Argentine port city of Rosario 10 years ago. Now her followers began to more than 120, 000 people worldwide. Members of the "church" is celebrated June 22 as his Passover, as on this day in 1986, Maradona scored the "hand of God" goal against England in.


The young Maradona.


Diego Maradona made his debut in Argentina in 1977.
Photo 1980.


Diego Maradona is the author of one of the biggest scandals in the history of world sports. At the World Cup in Mexico, and the 1/4 finals we met in a state of cold war, Argentina and England.

During the match, the diminutive Maradona, when he saw that his head does not reach the ball after a pass at the gate, scored by hand. When the referee pointed to the center of the field, all Englishmen were shocked. But it was too late. Thanks to a goal, scored by hand Maradona, was listed on the scoreboard the score 1: 0.

After the match, the footballer said that "if there was a hand, it is the hand of God." This statement has become an aphorism, and the goal - one of the best known and most controversial in the history of world football. In turn, the British press dubbed the episode "hand of the devil».

22 years later Diego Maradona apologized for this act: "If I could go back and change history I would. Now I can only apologize for his action. What happened, happened, Argentina became the world champion, and I became the best player in the world ».


In 1986, Argentina for the second time became the Champion of the World Cup.


In 1991, Maradona was first caught with cocaine, for which he was suspended for 15 months.


At the World Cup 1994 in what was then the captain of the US national team in Argentina, Maradona managed to score only one goal against Greece.
As it has been convicted in the use of illicit drugs.


Doping test carried out after the group stage match against Greece, in the body of the player revealed traces of ephedrine. After that, the International Football Federation (FIFA) decided to dismiss Maradona from the tournament.


After the scandal in 1994, Maradona also noted that ordered his guards to open fire on the reporters gathered at his villa. The football player is not left out and picked up the air rifle.


October 30, 1997, when he was 37 years, Maradona has announced his retirement from football.


But the problems of Diego Maradona with drugs is only increased after his departure from the big football.


In addition, he quickly began to gain weight.


In January 2000, Maradona was taken to the hospital with complaints of high blood pressure. Soon after his condition deteriorated rapidly. Doctors said that Maradona had serious heart problems and he is on the verge of death.


To escape the constant attention from the media, Maradona moved to Cuba, where he was invited by Fidel Castro himself. In Cuba, Maradona underwent a course of rehabilitation.


In spring 2004, Maradona returned to Buenos Aires and again was in intensive care after a cocaine overdose.


All the while, he continued to gain weight.


In 2005, Maradona, whose weight at growth 165 cm reached 120 kg, has agreed to an operation to reduce the volume of the stomach.


In December 2005, Maradona was detained at the airport in Rio de Janeiro.

According to media reports, Maradona with his teammates missed the plane, and knew that the plane flew without them, ransacked the room for VIPs.


After recovery Maradona has worked as a presenter on Argentine television.


As we have mentioned, Maradona supports the left-wing political movements in South America and is friendly with Fidel Castro (Fidel Castro).


Friends Maradona selects his kind, such as odious and scandalous characters. For example, Mike Tyson (Mike Tyson).


In 2005, Maradona appeared in a T-shirt with the inscription «Stop Bush» and called the US president in a public speech "genetic trash».


At the World Cup in 2006, Maradona was spotted in the stands during the match for Argentina, struggling to support their countrymen.


Maradona on the podium during the match of his hometown football club "Boca Juniors» (Boca Juniors).


Maradona with his girlfriend Veronica at the carnival of 2007 in Buenos Aires.


In 2005, Maradona has shaken the public recognition that during the quarterfinals of the World Cup 1990 (1: 0) Argentine defender slipped Brazil Branco bottle of water, which was mixed tranquilizers.

Speaking on Argentine television, Maradona said that when he saw the doctor for Argentina stretches Branco water bottle, he thought to himself: "Drink, drink, all to the bottom!" It should be noted also that two days after the match he Branco He said that, after he drank the water of the Argentine, his legs no longer obeyed.


Ever since 2005 Maradona noticeably thinner. But last year, Maradona again almost died. After he tied with illegal drugs, but became interested in alcohol abuse. As a result, Maradona again landed in the hospital - he has started to refuse the liver.


October 28, 2008 Diego Maradona was invited to lead the national team of Argentina.




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