Great Maradona: football player and coach (14 photos)

One of the main favorites of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa has been under the leadership of the national team of Argentina football legend - Diego Armando Maradona. The national team has come to the quarter finals quite easily under the emotional cries of his famous coach. However, in the match against Germany, Argentina was broken "German car" - the defeat 4: 0, and Diego and his team leave home.

Diego Maradona - talented but controversial icon of the world of football in Argentina. The former football star now holds the post of head coach of the Argentina national team. (Manny Millan / Sports Illustrated)

As a player, Maradona has received numerous awards, including the prize of "player of the century" by the FIFA, but more often he is remembered for one of the most famous strikes in the history of the World Championships. In a match of the 1986 World Cup against England, Maradona scored his hand. Since then, he was nicknamed the "hand of God", as the referee did not record violations and the team won 2-1. (Popperfoto / Getty Images)

Despite his longtime talent, Maradona suffered obesity and cocaine addiction since both retired from football in 1997. After several incidents, including a heart attack in 2004, Maradona was able to solve their problems. Through the course of rehabilitation and gastric bypass, after which he was noticeably thinner, Maradona was able to find a second wind in his career and personal life. (David Cannon / Allsport / Getty Images)

In 2008, Maradona was appointed the head coach of the Argentina national team after the departure of Alfio Basile. (Eddie Keogh / Reuters)

Maradona runs to his team of talented players, among them - Carlos Tevez, Gonzalo Higuain and Lionel Messi (pictured) - the current Player of the Year FIFA. (Luca Ghidoni / Zuma)

Despite the bad performance in the qualifying matches in the World Cup, Argentina's national team to remain unbeaten until it was broken by "German car" against Germany in the quarterfinals (Argentina lost 4-0). (FRANCOIS-XAVIER MARIT / AFP / Getty Images)

If Argentina's national team won the World Cup, Maradona would become the first Argentine who would have won the championship and as a coach and as a player and would have joined the Brazilian Mario Zagallo and German Franz Beckenbauer. (DANIEL GARCIA / AFP / Getty Images)

Unlike most coaches in the championship, which exhibit cold-blooded calm, Maradona is a veritable whirlwind of emotions. (Eddie Keogh / Reuters)

Maradona is always ready to cheer their team. He always said that they were - a whole. (THOMAS COEX / AFP / Getty Images)

Critics say that the habit of shouting and gesticulating Maradona often distract attention from the press and fans with the team on it. (Frank Augstein / AP)

One of the latest "chips" Maradona - a medallion on his left hand, which he takes with him to matches on luck. But the clock on both hands have a practical purpose - to show some local time, on the other - the time in Argentina. (David Klein / Sportimage / Cal Sport Media / Zuma)

Whether you like it or not, Maradona is the world-famous icon of football, even many years after his last game in a career player. (JUNG YEON-JE / AFP / Getty Images)

In the quarterfinals, Argentina met with the German national team. Victory would give him the glory of the world famous, but, alas, Argentina lost, and this loss is only spurred criticism of Maradona. (Kim Kyung-Hoon / Reuters)


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