The most expensive players of Euro 2012

In the football championship Euro 2012 gathered the best players, respectively, and the most highly paid.
Representing tens of expensive players.

Midfielder and vice-captain of the Munich "Bavaria", as well as midfielder German Cup.



Midfielder of the English club, "Tottenham Hotspur" and the national team of Croatia.


German footballer with Spanish roots, striker Munich "Bavaria" and the national team of Germany. Prize Winner "Footballer of the Year in Germany».


French football teammate Schweinsteiger and Gomez on the "Bavaria».


Dutch football player and captain of the football club "Arsenal».


Spanish football player of the English club, "Manchester City". World champion in 2010 and European champion in 2008.


Spanish football midfielder / striker "Barcelona" and the Spanish national team. World champion in 2010 and European champion in 2008.


English footballer of Irish descent, striker of FC "Manchester United" and England.


Spanish football player, central attacking midfielder, who plays for the "Barcelona" and the team of Spain. World champion in 2010 and European champion in 2008.


Portuguese footballer who plays for Spanish club "Real Madrid" and the national team of Portugal, which the captain is.

With a large margin from the competition in the lead in the ranking, the price is higher than the total value of Ronaldo all players against Poland or Ireland or Denmark. The most expensive footballer in the history of football - for his transition from the "Manchester United" in the "Real" was paid more than 83 million pounds. It is considered one of the best players of our time.



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