Works of art from cedar chips

Siberian sculptor Sergey Bobkov works ordinary schoolteacher most ordinary provincial school.
He makes sculptures of animals from a life-size chip.
With the chip, he even imitates wool and down. Awesome work.

Recently there was an exhibition of his works in Kozhanovskaya local school, which is located 207 km from Krasnoyarsk. Sergey Bobkov even received a patent for its products.

Altogether he introduced about 15 sculptures made of wood shavings.

To create each sculpture Sergey Bobkov takes 4 to 6 months.

For example, in the manufacture of two martens life size it took him eight months and 150 thousand pieces of sawdust Siberian cedar.

Sergei 55 years, and during his life he had to try their own hands to do a lot of things - has been carving, wickerwork, ceramic work, there was even the production of furniture.

But, apparently, wanted something "ordinary", repeat the ease and naturalness of its exhibits - animals and birds. For if the feathers - the quivering air and if the wool - and the fluffy fibers.

The material was found unexpectedly - it was wood chips, initially simple, then, as a result of trial and error, specially prepared.

Conventional chips - a fragile structure, and to achieve plasticity, Sergey Bobkov invented wooden wedges soaked in water for several days.

It is used mainly Siberian cedar chips, but sometimes adds and beech and willow.

The chips removed, rolled in a special way, imagine the smell in his studio?

The school museum a unique collection of products of wood shavings.

The works are not for sale, though, for example, the Eagle Sergey Bobkov offering half a million rubles. Master hopes that someday his miracle shavings interested in leading Russian museums.



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