How to grow cedar from nuts

Today we will talk about how to grow cedar trees from pine nuts, as already many know what a CEDAR tree for our Land, for man and for the whole Universe.

To plant cedars is best in the fall — it is natural for them, because in the cold winter, they must go through the so-called stratification is when the nuts freeze, fall asleep, and awaken in the spring and germinate.

Cedars do not like bogging, but I love well-drained soil, ie those where there is not stagnant water. So if the place where you going to put the pine nuts can stagnate water, we recommend to sprinkle on top of a bed of sand (about 1 cm thick, but then you need to reduce the depth of planting nuts).

To plant the nuts needed to a depth of 1.5-2 cm Holes do not necessarily just take the nut and finger stick it in the ground, a little pressing). Better to put a sharp tip down.

If the situation does not allow to plant cedars in the fall, you can plant them in the spring, but nuts all winter must lie in the refrigerator or in the cellar, to go through the artificial stratification. As we did in the beginning of winter, we have ordered from Siberia, a lot of pine nuts, mixed with wet sand, put it all in boxes and put in the refrigerator (found empty :) ) There they stayed until spring, in the spring we planted them in the ground.

Germinate kedriki unusual and very cute)) From the first nut goes down the spine and then the spine starts to break the eggshell sprout, raising the nut on the top, i.e., from the earth will see the little green shoots with nuts on top. And it's really like birds, especially crows. Therefore, in the spring, when kedriki begins to rise (can be done immediately after planting), be sure to cover with branches, otherwise they will peck at feathered friends.

Here is another proven and highly successful method of planting.

Need to find or make yourself a wooden box with tall sides to about 25 cm from the bottom have to be holes for the free passage of water. Placed in a box of sawdust (any, but ideally, of course, coniferous), mixed with pine needles.

0.5-1 cm stick pine nuts. They can often be planted at a distance of 1 cm from each other. (cedars in this environment grow better, so don't worry, they are there just enough). Pour on top of peat 1cm thick (this can not do, but without watering in the summer will have much more).
Box in the winter standing in the street.

Spring planting is necessary to something to hide from birds (twigs, rigid mosquito net, etc.).

For the first year cedars to transplant impossible. Repot into a 2-3 year life. By digging small kadrikov the last method of planting roots they are not damaged and will not drop.

But, I advise experienced people:

For starters, the cedar seeds need to saturate with moisture. At the same time and washed out nuts substances, preventing their germination. Fill the pine nuts in a bucket or bowl, and pour hot water. Not boiling water, of course. Such that the hand is not burned.
After an hour, when the nuts just soak a bit of their wash. Just the three of them in the water together.
A certain amount of the resin and preventing the germination of substances go into the water. What it will turn black – this is a must see!
Pine nuts wash, re-fill with warm water and leave for a few hours. Then my nuts and again – change the water. Thus, we soaked pine seeds – about a day. By this time, most Mature nuts will sink to the bottom of the bucket.
Well, the preliminary preparation of the seeds of the cedar we did.

Wet, Kapitalina of moisture the seeds of cedar are displayed on glass jars. The size of the banks depends on the number of pine seeds. The jar can be filled with seeds – half. A maximum of 2/3. It is best to take the jar twisting. Wrapping the cover – making holes in it with a knife or a nail, for air access.
Packed in such a way, the seeds of cedar ready for stratification. Now we just have to find a place for their stratification, with the right temperature. I usually strategizing nuts in the cellar. It keeps the temperature around 0°C. it is Possible – and in the refrigerator for pine nuts to be stratified for. But the effect will be worse.

For early stratification of pine nuts – in the garden of the Bank to hide. Main – cover of some foliage. Direct sunlight – can spoil everything.
In General, stratification occurs, with a temperature from +3 to -1. Freezing, even a strong, pine seeds well tolerated – with the gradual thawing.
Don't forget that pine nuts – a favorite treat for mice. Using the metal cover they nuts don't get... But the plastic cover – the mouse gnaws away easily. Such cover – we aren't.

After 2-3 months of this stratification, pine nuts – you can already grow. And till the spring to leave them, for planting on a bed.
Even a properly stratified the seeds of cedar germinate at the same time. And all the seeds will not germinate. For example, of the 100 nuts, cedar, guaranteed – will receive 20-30 kadrikov. In principle – not too little.


When transplanting it is necessary to protect the root system to see that all the roots are gone under the ground, never bent and not broken. It is necessary to transplant with a lump of earth, which sat kedrick, because it contains friendly microorganisms for wood and they increase the chances for survival (with the exception of the way with sawdust and pine needles, in this case, the roots remain naked, but you can still grab some sawdust and pine needles in the hole for planting).

For drainage and improved soil aeration very well in the hole, which will transfer the seedlings, add some sand, sawdust, pine litter or shell pine nuts. It is particularly recommended for clay soils.

To improve the survival of pine seedlings make good use of mulching around the trunk in the land is laid out with mown grass, deciduous and coniferous litter, the shell of pine nuts, tree bark or moss brought from the forest. Mulch prevents drying of the soil, the abundant growth of grass, creates a local microclimate, creating conditions for the development under it of bugs-worms and gradually the winter forms the material for fertilizer.

You can also feed the plant natural immune system of the body: infusion of nettle and horsetail, insist week in a barrel is a 1:1 water and plants, diluted with water at a feeding of 1:20. I play here the role of nutrients and information from just herbs.

And again. It is very important. Cedars for survival and growth really need a mycorrhiza, i.e. the mycelium. The mycelium, which maintains a symbiosis with the tree and increases the surface area for gathering water and nutrients 10 times. What you can do:

— it is possible to bring to bring the forest floor with ready mycorrhiza.

— but it is better to grow our own mycorrhizae already in place: fungal spores to multiply and “spread”, or rather, shed them to the ground. This old mushrooms soaked for a day in warm water, and then this infusion is poured, the place where you will grow the cedars, then this is the place to keep constantly moist (but not flooded). From disputes of mushrooms just growing mycorrhiza.
Under coniferous trees, grow mushrooms, white mushrooms, green blewits, mushrooms. Under the birch boletus, mushrooms, russulas, milk mushrooms.
White fungus, mushrooms form mycorrhiza with both coniferous and deciduous trees, so old mushrooms, porcini mushrooms collected in birch groves, should also be used for the formation of mycorrhizae in field plantings of cedars and other coniferous trees.
Spillage of soil by infusion of mushrooms is not only using trees, but to harvest the mushrooms after 2 years. And after 3 years have a good harvest. So grown mushrooms))

Cedars like partial shade, so it would be good to plant them near the “nanny” – it could be any shrub or tree (any tree, except the oak and some exotic – cedar will grow, so don't worry about it). They are needed for protection from the sun and wind and to retain moisture.

But the most important thing when planting cedars and other trees – this is your idea! If your idea of a harmonious, if you put the tree with pure thoughts: bezkorystno, for the happiness of the tree, happiness of Mother Earth and future generations, firstly, the survival rate of the tree will increase repeatedly, and, secondly, it will reinforce that thought and the energy with which you planted. So try to plant trees, especially cedars, with good mood, smiles and joy, and then the earth will become more

PS And if kedriki will put the children, then it... perhaps just the best thing to happen today! published

Author: Elena Happy

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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