Interesting experience or how to grow a rose from seed

We all know that the breeding of roses is by grafting, but there is a more complex but no less interesting method how to grow rose from seeds. For many gardeners, this method still remains something wild and strange, because they never used it!

Go to the flower shop and you will be able to pick up for their test a variety of seeds of roses, ranging from the classic "Wings of Angels," ending with Floribunda roses. But more interesting to collect the seeds with their hands, and this can be done from already planted and matured flowers in your area. If your country has not yet been planted with roses, ask for seeds from their neighbors who grow this kind of flowers on the site.

But how to plant rose seeds after harvest or purchase? For a start it is worth noting which seeds to plant flowers most hereditary:

Fresh and whole – so the chance of successful germination increases;

A little pink – they are slightly unripe, but germinate significantly better!

To get the seeds from the fruit of roses, you will need a knife, preferably a well sharpened. The fruit must be cut in half, and then from it get the seeds. So, in order to grow flowers from seed you will need the following:

The seeds of roses need varieties;

A solution of hydrogen peroxide (3%);

Deep, but a fine sieve, so that it is not lost seeds;

Plate any, but it is advisable to take a deep plastic or metal;

Cotton pads or cotton from which to roll the wheels;

Bags (plastic or polyethylene);

Rubber gloves.

Before you plant the seeds of roses, they must be properly prepared for this procedure.

For a start seed is separated from fruit flesh. If you omit this item in the future, notice how the seeds are difficult to germinate.

Seeds do not have to choose the same size – mix them all together and place on the bottom of the sieve.

In a bowl pour the hydrogen peroxide and dip in a solution of the sieve so that the liquid covers the seeds. Peroxide disinfects seeds and protect them in the future. If you skip this, the seeds can be covered or be infected by mold fungi.

The same solution soaked in cotton pads – when working it is advisable to wear rubber gloves on his hands.

After seed treatment, put him out of the sieve onto a cotton pad and top cover with another cotton pad soaked with the same solution of hydrogen peroxide.

Put the disks with seeds in bags and seal or tie it.

Yet to plant roses from seed before, the first seed must undergo stratification. To do this, leave it in the fridge. After a couple of months you will be able to notice the first sprouts.

Seed seedlings can be planted in peat tablets or individual containers, e.g. cups or pots.

It now remains to trace the growth of roses and care for them. You will need:

Supplementary lighting of seedlings, with respect to the light day for 10 hours a day;

Watering the soil as needed (as soon as it dries up the substrate);

Soil fertilizer in small quantities;

Transplant roses to the site. Do it in the spring.

Dutch roses and their cultivation

Home roses always turn out small and modest, but many want to plant a rose from seed and grow it into something more vivid and strong! Therefore, it's best to grow Dutch roses, which would look perfect on the site or in the greenhouse, and assembled in a gift bouquet. One has only to remember how hard it is to grow flowers of this kind, they are incredibly capricious. So here's what to remember if you wish to grow shrub roses Holland roses:

Soil. It's fine to leak air, contain a lot of fertilizer and have a closed system. It is therefore in the preparation of soil mixture to use drainage and, if necessary, to dilute the substrate is river sand. Be sure to use fertilizer to nourish the soil before planting plants and caring for them. Indoor soil involves a cultivation in greenhouses and greenhouses, and not in the country.

Replaybility. Remember that to grow a rose from a flower will be much easier than Dutch rose at its cold part. If you plan on growing flowers in a greenhouse, the success is guaranteed, for the most part.

The method of cultivation. Only used method of grafting. It is the most simple and fast, because demand and efficiency. It is very important to choose the right seedlings, care for them and do not skip important procedures of cultivation.

So, to grow Dutch rose from a cutting, you should:

To find the most suitable handle. This will require a strong and healthy Dutch rose, which you can find in any flower shop. Do not agree to take stale material with only the beautiful and strong rose with the same stem;

To do cuttings you need without delay. You will need cuttings with a length of 13-15 cm, you will extracted from the middle part of the stem of the rose. However, it is important not to lose – each received the handle must be at least 2 buds;

Properly cut stems for cuttings, the upper cut should be smooth, and lower – diagonal. Above the upper Bud is cut very close, approximately over 0.5 cm;

Also cut off the lower leaves, leaving only a little over the top and the strongest. If the stem has thorns, they can be cut;

Top the slices smooth, dip briefly in a solution of antiseptic for disinfection. The lower sections are placed in preparation for rapid growth of plants. Although aloe Vera juice in this case will be more healthy and nutritious for cuttings. Leave the cuttings in this position for half a day;

To grow home a rose, you must prepared cuttings to deepen in the soil of 2-3 cm, and the top 0.5-1 cm sprinkle river sand. It is important to lower the kidney was deepened in the substrate, and the top remained on the surface;

Now create a greenhouse effect for roses. To do this, pour planted cuttings with clean water and put them in a plastic bottle with a cut neck. Can be cut and the bottom to water the rose through the neck of the bottle, otherwise the water was applied around the bottle;

As soon as the cuttings have strong leaves, what happens after 3-4 weeks, they can be fitted to fresh air. For this you need to remove the bottle, but to maintain the air temperature around in the range of 22-23 degrees Celsius.

Growing roses in a flower pot.

You may be able to grow a rose in a pot on your windowsill is not that difficult. It is very important here to observe proper care for the flower and note the intolerance of certain conditions, such as frost. Note that frost can ruin a home rose for a simple reason – the weak root system of the flower is not able to endure such extreme cold of Russia. So you should follow and take into account the ambient temperature around the flower pot, especially if cultivation occurs on the balcony of the apartment, because it is an unheated room. So do not skimp on the pot and choose the smallest, otherwise the rose will Mature quite small, if in this process it generally is not strong enough.

You should take care of your windowsill, especially if you plan to transplant the flowers to the site. Remember that beautiful plant the roses even at home! This will greatly help the free territory on the glazed balcony or loggia. Here you can organize a greenhouse, where the head of the composition will show off the elegant rose Bush home. These flowers create a fluffy bushes with small flowers. But what is worth remembering lover of roses:

Roses love light, so you should choose a well-lit place, protected from direct sunlight in the Bush;

Flowers are hard to tolerate cold, so in winter, the rose will have to transfer in a heated room or maintain the temperature in winter on the balcony by artificial means is not below 12 degrees Celsius;

Rose bushes love the water, but not so much that the water was in the pot. Take care of moderate but regular watering, good drainage and suitable soil;

Be sure to remove any weak, dry and wilting flowers.

Regularly fertilize the soil with nutrients and minerals with a frequency of about 2 times a month.

It is worth noting that the house properly land the process of the rose dwarf varieties. These roses look so perfect together and fit in the pot, allow to develop the flower and will not form a strong root system.


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