9 exotic fruits that can be grown from seed

It is familiar to many novice gardeners. That same feeling I felt when from seeds planted by your hand, suddenly hatch a fragile sprout.

Some have in these moments there is a sense of wonder and involvement in Nature. Others included "God Mode". But in a confined space, and even in the winter and then, and more often results in uncontrolled Botanical ecstasy, and in the land of generous handfuls of seeds go all exotic fruit which is only found in the area.
It is clear: to grow from seeds lemon, pomegranate, and the peach is much more interesting than to buy a plant or get it from cuttings. Let's try to figure out what fruit seeds can you plant and what can lead such experiments at home.

Seed in nitrocementation, oranges and their hybrid clementines, lemon and lime, grapefruit, pomelo (sheddok) and their hybrid sweetie (Oroblanco), Mineola (a kind of tangelo is the hybrid of a tangerine and grapefruit), kumquat (kinkan or Fortunella), Limequats (a hybrid of kumquat and lime), orangequit (a hybrid of the kumquat with the Satsumas), calamondin (citrofortunella), etc.: members of the genus citrus a beautiful, fragrant, diverse and available for experimentation almost all year round.

The bones selected for planting should be fresh: no additional moisture germination decreases with each passing day. General recommendations for planting is quite simple: wash the seeds and plant them in very moist mixture of garden soil, peat and river sand (or in special soil for citrus). As soon as sprouts appear 1-2 true leaves, they need to sit down. And it is better to sow them in individual pots or cups.

Citrus seeds is interesting because you never know what they will grow from their seedlings, especially hybrids, usually do not retain varietal characteristics of their parents. From seeds of citrus will grow wilding, and their own crops from it, will have to wait perhaps 10 years. So if your goal is to collect lemons or oranges right off the windowsill, it is better to find a cuttings of the desired varieties and plant your seedlings. This can be done through a year and a half after planting.

From the seeds of lemon, orange or grapefruit rootstocks grow up great — healthy, strong and initially adapted to home conditions. But the kumquats, tangerines, and various hybrids are more whimsical and are not suitable rootstocks: the root system and they are not that powerful.

Despite the generic "community", of citrus when growing from seed behave differently. Tangerines, for example, "slow" in growth, but not so demanding on the soil composition. The first shoots from the seeds of Mandarin can appear in 3-4 weeks. Planted at the same time kumquat "think" at least up to 2 months. Each of the citrus their timing of flowering and fruiting. But common enemies have enough: dry air, spider mites, scale insects, aphids, etc.

Most popular "supplier" of material for citrus experiments was and still is a lemon. About the personal experience of growing lemons from seed you can learn from this article.


КосточкиDiospyros of a persimmon or persimmon, is the "divine" fruit of the Ebony family, which are not commonly found on window sills. Meanwhile, it is also quite possible to grow from seeds. Here's how:


  • Washed and slightly dried seeds of the persimmon plant in moist soil, cover with foil, glass or a plastic bottle and put in a warm place.
  • "The hothouse" is periodically removed, ventilated and humidified soil.
  • As soon as the sprouts, cover can be removed. Wait for the shoots not for long: just a couple of weeks. But if you couldn't see them, it is unlikely that they ever will. However, the germination rate of persimmon is not bad. For example, from 23.11.14 me planted three seeds successfully germinate two. Here is one from germ today:
And here's a fun timelapse of how this happens:


I also have two plants at first quietly coexisted in the same pot. But then the leaves started to turn yellow, so the seedlings had to sit down. At first, the handling will require more than once or twice since persimmon a strong root system, fast growing and require space. And moisture. Persimmon need regular watering and spraying. Therefore, carefully monitor the soil, preventing any drying out or overflow.

Experienced horovody recommend twice a month to feed the plants with fertilizers (mineral and organic alternately). As soon as the "tree" will grow to 20-30 cm, you can begin to shape it by pinching. In the summer of persimmon is better to stand on the street or on the balcony, gradually accustomed to the sun. But the winter should be cool (5-10 °C): for example, in the cellar. If a tree from November to March, living at home, sooner or later it will die.

At room conditions the persimmon grows only to five feet. If the tree to instill (with the handle in splitting in winter, or Bud in late summer), then it can bear fruit within 3-4 years. Otherwise, the crop will have to wait as much again (and not the fact that it will be).

Date palm of shirokolushka liked dried figs, but last year these guys surprised me: didn't that of them maybe something to grow.

It turns out, and how! Figs for drying are not subjected to heat treatment. Which means that their seeds do not lose viability. And one can try to grow a palm tree. Only bone to better soak. Although this is not necessary if the product is fresh, i.e., came from their homeland to our shelves recently. But just in case reinsured and soaked date-pits about a week, each day changing the water. However, scarify did not and other dances with a tambourine was not satisfied. Stuck them vertically in a mixture of peat with sand and moistened from a spray in a day or two as needed. About a month later my future palm trees sprouted:

But as they have grown more in the past month:

About the harvest still too early to think) Although the dream we no ban, but in the best case from each date "feathers" grow a palm tree.

Assuming that it will be enough light and space, and I patience. And evidence that it is able to bear fruit in room conditions, I, alas, have not yet come across.

Care for a date palm is regular watering (without over-drying earthen coma, and in winter, watering is reduced to a minimum) and spraying, ventilation, provision of sufficient light and cool conditions for the winter. In addition, in the first five years, the plant needs annual transshipment in the pot larger.

Mango mango

The fruits of this big Indian guest hiding a huge bone. "Mango" even translates from Sanskrit as "the great fruit". Its seeds are extracted from ripe fruit, open, take out the seeds and germinated in the light and loose substrate (soil for cacti or succulents). On the bottom of the pot put clay drainage — as, indeed, in all other cases.

The middle of the already opened bone put right. Unsolved gently reveal (if ready) — as in this video:

If to push the doors without effort does not work, the bone is pre-aged a few weeks in the water (the water is changed every other day), or wrapped in moist cotton towel. It is extremely important to prevent drying out. After germination they should be regularly sprayed with mango sensitive to humidity and to light and heat. Absolutely can not stand the cold, and even with +18 begins to feel uncomfortable.

Deciding on growing mango from seeds, be prepared for the fact that flowering you have to wait in the best case, 5 years or even 10. However, this does not mean that it will end the fruit: the flowers of this exotic visitor it is very difficult pollinated even under natural conditions, to say nothing of the windowsill in the wrong latitudes.

Feijoa In the case of feijoa (also known as Akka and belongs to the Myrtle family, which translated into the language of the flower means some difficulty with winter) the situation is about the same as with citrus: varietal characteristics in seed breeding almost saved, and then the seedlings will have to vaccinate. If it does not stop you, keep in mind that seeds for planting should be taken from ripe and soft fruit (it is perfectly ripen in a warm place). Small seeds should be carefully washed from the pulp and dry. Seeding the surface, without penetration (you can mix the seeds with sand).

If the seeds enough light, heat and moisture, they will germinate in about a month. In the first few months seedlings ACCA is developing rapidly, so they need the picks and handling, and then pinched to form a compact crown.

Fig tree (Fig)the Seeds of figs (figs, or ficus carica) for planting "mined" in the same way as industry: they must be carefully washed, dried and sown surface in moist loose soil. Then a little "preporuciti" sand, cover with plastic wrap and for them to find a warm place. They germinate in about 3 weeks, all this time, they should regularly moisturize and ventilate.

Sometimes fruiting difficulties, but some gardeners manage to get a Fig fruit with three to four seedlings.

Passion fruit (Passiflora)Passion fruit, Passiflora she is actually a tropical vine of the family Strastotsveta.

The fruits of this evergreen beauties from South America are entirely edible, including crunchy seeds. However, if they sit, there is a possibility that you will grow a vine, and someday you will admire its splendid flowering in the comfort of home.

Just remember to provide it with bright light and fresh air, heat, space, humidity, and "enhanced" food.

Litchi According to legend, a Chinese Emperor ordered the executions of their gardeners because they have failed to grow this sugary miracle.

Not since you since lychee is one of the most problematic candidates for growing from seeds at home? But it's true though, because "Chinese plum" is one of those rare plants that require mycorrhizae. Otherwise, it is a very nice establishment with a narrow pinkish leaves.

Coffee derivable to grow such a handsome devil out of the grain, easier to just go to Africa, Asia or South America and collect there fruits of the coffee tree. Seeds ordered in the online shop, sprout unlikely: they quickly lose their germination (I say this of sad experience: it's possible that I'm wrong, and you are lucky more). In loose, slightly acidic soil and greenhouse conditions with good lighting coffee bean eventually turn into a wonderful tree.

What else can be grown from seed? A lot of things, would be materials and a place to visit! For example, our colleagues successfully grown from seed, kiwi, medlar, and even pepino. And soon you learn what happens when you plant the seeds of avocado and pomegranate.

Seedlings — employment is an exciting, sometimes even too.

But over time you realize that it is grateful for the patient, caring and responsible "test". To eat the fruit, plant the seeds and wait for the sprouts — so, bouquet-candy period. But then the fun begins. After all, the fruits of labor will have to wait for years. And fruit literally can not wait (in the case of avocado and date palm exactly). The cats care — watering, fertilizing, lighting and thermal conditions — has not been canceled. The main thing — to remember that we are responsible for all those put in a pot with soil and made to germinate from seed. And if difficulties do not frighten you, — a friendly shoots you and generous yields!

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