Fruits that can grow in their own apartment or at work

it is time to planting, seedling migration from the windowsill to the garden and the painstaking care of the future harvest. Fresh, without unnecessary additives fruit delight far more purchased. And those who do not have a site, Website advises not to get upset, and try to grow vegetables from seed directly in the home or even at work.

Of course, the fruits will have to wait, and in some cases more than one year. However, the cultivation of fruit - a good anti-stress, as well as an occasion to bond with colleagues.


Citrus, which include lemon, mandarin, orange, grapefruit, etc., have a rich aroma, and almost all year round, you can experiment with them. Bones for sowing must be fresh. Plant them fairly simple: wash the bones and put them in a damp mixture of garden earth, peat and river sand or special soil for citrus. It is best to put every bone in a separate pot or cup.

It is important to ensure that the plants enough light, but protect from the midday sun and dry air. In addition, in the winter need to include citrus fruits at a temperature of 12-16 degrees.

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Even the bones of dried dates can be grown palm. Before planting, it is better to soak for a few days. Put it in a mixture of peat and sand, and do not forget to moisturize from the sprayer every 2 days. About a month later the future must climb a palm tree. As well as citrus fruits, figs require a lot of light and a cool winter.


Seeds of exotic plants should be selected from ripe and soft fruit. If you bought a feijoa is not yet ripe, it can be put in a warm place and wait a few days. The seeds should be washed from the pulp and dry. Not digging deep, put the seeds into the ground with sand.

The plant may come up and grow rather quickly. So we do not forget the seat sprouts, pinch the main root and transplanted together with the old soil in the pot a little more.


To grow nefigovoe fig tree, you need to do the same as with seeds feijoa: wash, dry and put in a shallow moist soil. A little sprinkle the soil with sand and cover with foil. For figs should find a warmer place. The first shoots will be in about 3 weeks, if you regularly moisten the earth and ventilate the room. During warmer months, keep the temperature no lower than 20 degrees, and in winter - no higher than 14 degrees

Passion fruit

. If you put the seeds of passion fruit is likely to grow not fruitful tree, a vine that will delight with its luxurious blossoming. But who knows, maybe it is you will be able to achieve juicy fruit at home. Passion loves all that is pleasant tropical plants: a bright light, a lot of air, heat and high humidity


. Grow this storehouse of vitamins from the bone in two ways. In the first case, remove the bones from the skin, wide side planted at a depth of 2-3 cm to the tip above the surface. The second method is called public: leave the skin at the level of the middle bone is drilled 3 small holes at an angle of 120 degrees. The three matches are inserted to be supports at the edges of a glass with water. The water level should be maintained just below the bone. As soon as a sufficient number of roots, the bone can be planted in a pot.

Before the leaves of the plant in need of an air temperature of about 18 degrees, and avocado loves cool winter.


There is no pineapple pits, but to grow it, they are not needed. Suffice it to cut away the top of a 2 cm and pulp plant in the wet sand, such as a river. Pineapple loves the water, and it will have to be watered frequently. In the context of the winter garden, this fruit does not always give the same fragrant fruit as its southern comrades. But to grow it at home quite real.


Win-win option - dwarf pomegranate, which is quite fruits even in the middle latitudes. He calmly transfer arid, but not a lack of heat. Dwarf grenades will delight flowers and bear fruit almost all year round, even when the growth of 40 cm. The average yield is 7-10 edible fruit with a diameter of 5 cm.

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