12 tricks to help you look perfect and without makeup

Every woman has a natural appeal and charm. And it is not necessary to use a ton of makeup to emphasize the natural beauty. It's enough to know a few tricks to help you look perfect.

< Website contains tips that will save time and money and help you to remain attractive without makeup.

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improves the complexion

Make a healthy complexion will chamomile tea. To cook it is necessary to take 1 tbsp. l. chamomile, pour her a glass of boiling water and leave in a thermos for 30 minutes. Strain, cool slightly and add 1 ch. L. honey. Drink every morning small sips on an empty stomach 2 weeks.

Doing eyelashes long and thick 8,060,980

One of the best means for eyelashes food is homemade bread. To prepare it, mix in a jar and in equal amounts castor, almond, sesame, burdock oil and added to vitamin E (to increase shelf life). Then apply oil on dry lashes and leave overnight. After a couple of weeks you will notice how your eyelashes will come alive.

Getting rid of split ends and brittle hair

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Those who have hair in need of immediate assistance, perfectly suitable mask, which can be easily made at home. For this purpose, one bowl and whisk yolk plain yogurt 1/2 cup without additives. Then add back in 1 tbsp. l. castor and coconut oil, 1 tbsp. l. avocado oil or jojoba oil. Thoroughly mix, put on wet hair and put on plastic cap. An hour later, thoroughly wash off the mask with hair.

Nourishes the skin of hands

To make the skin soft hands, you need to take a little hand cream and mix it with the same amount of vinegar. Grease hands stands on the night. A couple of weeks - and you will have smooth skin of hands

Getting rid of freckles and age spots

To do this, you need to wipe face with a slice of lemon 3 times a day, leaving the juice on your face for 5-10 minutes. After a rinse with warm water.

Makes hair smooth and shiny

To do this, beat pulp 1 banana and 1 tbsp. l. olive oil in a blender, then add to 2 hours. l. honey and 1 tbsp. l. yogurt without additives. All mix well until smooth, put on damp hair and cover with plastic wrap. After 30 minutes, the mask should be thoroughly washed off. The result will please you!

Remove the peeling

Lotion with aloe gel perfectly removes various rashes and irritation on the skin. To make it, mix 100 g of aloe juice with 3 tablespoons. liter of boiled water and 3 tbsp. l alcohol. This lotion wipe your face and neck every day, leaving each time for 10 minutes, then wash off and lubricate the skin cream.

Strengthen and bleach nails

To your fingernails were beautiful and healthy enough to do a bath of lemon. To do this, divide the lemon in half, each of the halves immerse your fingers and leave for 15 minutes.

Cope with chapped lips 96,549,369

To do this, make a mask of sour cream and carrot juice (mixed in equal proportions), put on the lips and wash off after 7 minutes.

BLEACH teeth

To do this, crushed tablets and activated carbon using a brush to clean teeth obtained powder. Tip: For this method, buy a separate toothbrush

Remove the black eyes

In 1 cup of cold milk, soak 2 disc, and then put them in the area under the eyes. Effective means!

Perfect updo

To hair is not electrified, wet palm and smooth mineral water charged hair.

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