18 ideas storage of cosmetics from those who are not his life is without her

modern woman is difficult to imagine life without makeup. And often in our arsenal it so much that we are faced with a problem: how is compact and easy to store cosmetics

? Especially for you Website I picked up 18 of the best ideas that will help organize the perfect order in the realm of your bubbles, vials and tubes.

Transparent box

To store makeup is perfect transparent organizer for office paper. Its compact design allows multi-storey fit enough cosmetics.

You can sort by type of cosmetics: lipstick, eye shadow, blush, mascara brush. In this case it will always be convenient to get it at the right time.

Divider for drawers and boxes for cutlery

Special dividers for drawers help to organize the order instantly, and to find the necessary things will be much easier. You can go ahead and share his box at the department, where all items will be disaggregated by type (shadows, lipstick, blush, and so on. N).

Any long cosmetics, such as lip gloss, lipstick, pencils and even a hair iron, can be expanded in the plastic or wooden box, which is used for storage of cutlery in the kitchen. It can be hidden in a drawer dressing table or writing, the main thing that he went on the size.


In online stores, you can find a variety of devices for storing cosmetics magnets. And if a little work, you can make a magnetic board and yourself. Simply coat the metal sheet with a cloth and complete the entire structure in a frame, and then hang it on the wall. Glue small magnets on the bottom or back of cosmetics and attach them to the board.

More detailed information on manufacturing beauty-board presented here.

Rainbow box

Apply for ordinary shoebox, using tissue paper and put it in nail polish. In order to quickly navigate the butylkov, do not forget to draw on caps shades of varnishes. The easiest way it can be done by dropping a drop of varnish butylki using, for instance, a toothpick.

How to make the same box, tell us here.

Glass jars

Makeup Brushes are best stored vertically in a dry form. You can use, for example, small glass jars with colored decorative stones or coffee beans. Since the brush does not come into contact with each other and getting dirty. In addition, you can always quickly find the right brush.

If you want to protect brushes for make-up of dust, it is best to place them vertically in a container with a lid. Just remember that they must be dry.

Chest for cosmetics

You can also use the bags and chests. They can be filled with commonly used cosmetic products and to open when doing makeup. The rest of the time, he may lie, for example, under the bed, without disturbing anyone.

Holders to lockers

You can make acrylic holders in the cabinets to get more cells. This option is not only convenient, but also ergonomic.

Vertical Case Organizer and slippers

The vertical covers pretty easy to store cosmetics that you use occasionally. A large number of sections and the transparency of the material will help to be all tools on the mind. If you do not need cosmetics, the bag can be folded up and put in the closet.

Means for hair styling, as well as combs, hair dryers, and other hair accessories in clean organizer for slippers, which can be attached to the door in the bathroom.

Stand for wine bottles

For bottles with different styling products take up less space, put them on the rack for wine bottles. It is perfect for the bathroom.


To the shadows are not lost, you can put them in a special form for the ice and put into the drawer dresser. You can expand the shade by color or manufacturers, to easily find what you need.

Paper support

Girls who have cosmetic arsenal have professional palette of shadows, blush or dry correctors can be used stand-organizers for the securities. They can also put a set of brushes for makeup. In the vertical paper tray can also store different hair device: irons, curling irons, curling

Tray Cake

. For storage of cosmetics also use special trays for cake, layered slides for canap├ęs or metal shelves. They conveniently have favorite fragrances, lacquers.


Moldings and baseboards, remaining after the repair, can also render good service. Suffice it to install them on the wall. It is convenient to store nail polish and oversized lipstick or shadows.


Baguette also perfect for restoring order. It's enough to supply him with a few narrow shelves and place them in the bubbles with nail polish. If desired, it can always be repainted in any color, so that it was combined with other home furnishings.

Pencil on glasses

If you need to take hand on a journey, you can neatly pack them in an old case of sunglasses. There also can be folded pencils for eyes and eyebrows.

Bank for bulk solids

Large banks for loose products - better storage nail polish. Lucky will no longer clutter up beautician and gather dust in boxes. Put them in a large glass jar for cereals, close the lid and enjoy the procedure.

Organizer for cosmetics

This organizer is perfect for those who have relatively little makeup. It is possible to make a shadow, and varnishes, and blush. It is very compact and convenient.

Suspended hooks

Cosmetic detergents that you use in the bathroom, conveniently stored on special hooks. This frees up space and is very convenient for washing.

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