10 ideas for a small kitchen

Underestimate the power of design should not, in the end, we're talking about quality of life, about how to make it more pleasant and convenient, so some money here do not succeed.

A particularly good and useful design where the right decision is well-built compromise between wishes and possibilities. As practice shows, to find it can be almost always, and too traditional for our apartments the problem of small kitchens and not real freedom for everyone who likes to squeeze the maximum out of minimum. In this post I have collected 10 design ideas of a small kitchen that will make your stay in the kitchen easy and enjoyable, regardless of its area.

Working surface-Telecomunica kitchen is by definition a shortage of the working surface, which will be even more acute when part of the precious space is a kitchen appliances and other accessories. Unconventional, but effective way out of this situation, it may be a high table on wheels, which can be used as an extra work surface and for serving (especially if a small kitchen area allows you to place a large table). If you are going to use it not only for storage and travel, but for work – don't forget to include the ability to lock the wheels.

Wall bracket for skovorodko that the holder for the knives in the small kitchen should be attached to the wall instead of standing on the table – obviously, I hope for everyone, but the limited space makes use of the possibilities of wall storage to the maximum. One such opportunity is the installation of the wall holder for the pans, which will help to save space in your cupboards for storing other accessories. But if your pans will be shiny and beautiful, it will not only ergonomic, but also stylish.

Paleostructural what they call a separate work surface in the center of the kitchen is considered the heart of the solution for large rooms, and even in this case successfully fit it into the interior of the kitchen is far from over. But for small kitchens great Peninsula, which can be placed both on the edge and in the center of the kitchen. When the creative approach the Peninsula could not only provide additional work surface and storage space, but also to solve other tasks – for example, in the presented illustration, the Peninsula is both a Breakfast bar.

Corner asicocuk no matter small your kitchen, there will still be 4, and this at least. Your task is to use them most efficiently. Make good use of the corner space is not always possible, one way to do this can be drawers of irregular shape. Comfortable, spacious and ergonomic.

Setting plate in plugnpay way to use the corner to place it in the oven. Typically, the plate divides the space of the kitchen surfaces, and if it is lacking, the movement of the plate in the corner allows you to simultaneously kill several birds with one stone, and cook on a stove it is quite comfortable. Another effective way of using corner space will be the deployment of the sink for dishes, and the place behind the stove or sink, you can take away under shelf for storage of those items that should be at arm's length.

The shelf is asiawide we talked about the fact that a small kitchen area means the lack of working space and storage space for tableware and utensils, but the problem is not only that. Filling furniture and without that small room, we create a closeness that leaves oppressive, oppressive feeling. Of course, few people want to spend in the kitchen a lot of time! The solution may be to replace at least part of a wall of lockers shelves that visually increase the space and make it more airy. If you are afraid dust or do not want to use the shelves for some other reasons, replace blind Cabinet doors are clear glass, which will also allow you to visually enlarge the kitchen space.

The storage space under rakovinoy many kitchens, the space under the sink in the best case, used for storing the bins, the worst is not used at all. Take the time to plan the space under the sink for storage, for example, detergents, cleaning and so on. Of course, this design if necessary, should be easily removed in the case that the sink need repair.

Custom REShENIYa have seen different layouts and have seen a lot of examples of apartments where the kitchens were small with a relatively large total area. However, often a small kitchen is located in a small apartment and the kitchen space can be used not only for the kitchen but also for other purposes. Rate the “extra” space, and try to think outside the box. For example, in this kitchen was a place not only cookbooks, but folding and Ironing Board.

Containers for granaditas convenient colored containers for storing all sorts of little things, like spices, cookies and the like. Perhaps this trick will not allow you to save some precious space, but it definitely creates a sense of orderliness and tidiness, inspiring you to new achievements.

Narrow asikaso you design a kitchen to order, you will surely face the fact that drawers and cabinets have fixed standard sizes, so to fit them into any kitchen will not work. But if the kitchen area at a premium, every inch must be in business! The output will be narrow boxes that you can use either for the storage of towels and detergents, or jars with spices: in this case they will all be on your mind so that you can easily find what you need. published

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