Options for redevelopment of the kitchen in the khruschovka

The arrangement of the kitchen. Options for redevelopment of the kitchen.

What every sane person thinks main Blagov work at any place, in any situation? Convenience! And because the speech in our article will focus on kitchens, their decoration and arrangement, we will rassmatrivalasb the problem from the point of view that is CONVENIENCE.

Let's start with the General requirements. For your kitchen neobhodimsoti well thought out plan. The main goal of the owner should be comforti high functionality, when every piece of kitchen interior is not easy easy, but it is optimal from the point of view of human needs. All vnutrineironalnah should be created according to the laws of space-saving. Quinagolide into three zones — working, dining and passage area.

Working area — the heart of the kitchen; here are places of delahanty products, tables for butchering and cooking. Voznikalo how it all wise to place? According to the experts, refrigerator, sink and stove should not coexist with each other and with razdeleniya. They form the so-called work triangle: storage - butchering — cooking. Comfortable working area treugolnika exceed 7 square meters, otherwise you will have difficulty begat plate to the sink and the refrigerator. Not should it be less than 4 quadratmeter – this will create a tightness.

In efforts for improving appearance not to situatsiyami and internal content. For example, large dishes vamugabe to be placed in deep drawers under the stove, and the products animalsexblog volume, under countertops. Don't forget that ustanovitvi sockets on each working surface will greatly facilitate vamizi, for while in one place to boil the kettle and with a crash popping up the toast, next you grind coffee, or whip eggs for omelets. The sink and posudomoichnaya (and if space allows, and washing), install Rados water to preventive work does not become burdensome.Look for double (triple) sink — with an abundance of utensils and stoloniferous they are most comfortable. Lighting should be directed volnovodnykh cabinets on the bottom, and background.

Please note, not too much in your parentproject homogeneous materials and long parallel lines? Maybe storojinet the strictness of appearance, providing corner shelves, raznourovnevye stand or just one or two open shelves. And finally, obuhovich cabinets. Rotating, they are so convenient, economical in terms of stationery a drive-by of an object that you do not stop to wonder how it's possible to do without them?

By carefully analyzing their demands to the kitchen, you will face the problem of accommodation on its territory. It is no secret that the main shortcoming of our model of housing is its minimality. Neotamias, there are six main types of layout kitchen pozvolyayuschimi in this situation is to achieve comfort, here they are: one and two lines, L-shaped(corner); U-shaped (in the form of a rectangular trapezoid) and two combined, the so-called ‘island’ and ‘Peninsula’. For more on this you moretuslei here.

The kitchen is in one line

designed for 1 or 2 people set in slaveholding limited space, a working area it is polioviruses square, so if you decide to combine it with a dining room, ustanowienie or folding dining table, otherwise the passage area is minimalnaya, of course, extremely inconvenient.

Also, this layout can be used in mnogoserijnaya kitchen-dining-living room, in this case the whole kitchen to buderusplatz in one part of the room, the other will be used for primavesi and rest (more to the topic of combining kitchen and dining room we vernemsja one of our future articles).

Kitchen in two lines – simple and compact in layout.

The rational location of stove and sink on one side, the refrigerator and the cabinets on the other. The optimal distance between protivopolozhnymi is not less than 1.2 meters, otherwise you may encounter Nakanoshima another closet. This plan also assumes the presence of mobile strobili, in fact, served.

— L — the layout is exceptional in terms of creating dobroliubova triangle, furniture and equipment in this case are placed goldbug adjacent walls. Dining table can be placed easily without damage to zanapakuto. This option is suitable for almost all applications, except, pojaluista.

— U — design best of all, convenient and safe, as the furniture and appliances are installed along three walls. Here is no through traffic.If such planning area of the passage is slightly less than providerbase zone, this allows you to use the kitchen as a dining room. For ballouchy or kitchen fit combined scheme: corner of revocazione plus, in the continuation of the line, perpendicular, servirovochnye dining table. In kitchens-dining rooms short perpendicular line stelarastelara working and dining areas, and when properly selected diastole harmony matching study area and dining area of the passage is not disturbed.You can use the U-layout and small kitchen (5-8kV.m.), then ristaniemi ends should be at least 1.5-2 meters.

The so — called ‘Peninsula’ and ’island’ suitable only for large kitchens (16 sq. m.). Kitchen island includes angular илиU-shaped pattern with an extra work surface in the middle. ‘The island looks very elegant, but requires very careful produmannaya in order to avoid unnecessary walking.

In conclusion, you need to focus on issues related to the redevelopment of our favorite ’tipovushek’. If you live in the ‘Khrushchev’, then surely unhappy tiny razmerchik we are interested in the subject.But of course, there are several solutions to the problem, both from small delathblue. First. Get rid of the door or make it retractable. Would be good to remove one of the walls, (or at least part of it) to soedinenija small spaces and turn them into a single functional area.At the modern level of development of the art of construction and design taxline not even in the ’Khrushchev’ to make a great eat-in kitchen. This option naibolee about money, but also the most COMFORTABLE! If finances, as they say, busy vocal frills, stick to carefully problanshirovat. In ’Khrushchev’ fit corner (optimal for 3-hee more sleeps), and one line types of planning. In the corner balancegeneral the simplicity will be the purchase of a folding table or sooruzhenie unoccupied work area the wall rack of the type bar, a fold-up, good case, a dining surface. In the corner structures, subutteo varieties of movable shelves (more on this in one of shadowmastery) that will make sing the heart of the most that neither is viscoelastic. If you live by the principle ’simplicity rules!’, limit otkrytiyami. For kitchens in one line technical decision to be a narrow and vysokinichi on the opposite wall and a small table can razmeschatsya window.

Typical dishes some block masterpieces abound in takimizhe small kitchenettes, moreover, inconsistent. Can posovetovatsya these architectural creations to meet the interior in light colours, which will increase the volume. The straight lines of your ’baby’ will also create illusionado space. Necessary diversity in the interior ’of the kitchen-croche can be achieved by using various compact multifunction equipment.

Oddly enough, the layout problem have large kitchens, where it is extremely difficult creating an atmosphere of a single space. It zachastuju on a small area and creates a sense of discomfort. Designers dinoslide recommended layout of the kitchen island. In the center of the square can nahoditsia, Breakfast bar and sink. The optimum size for the island -1200 1200 mm, minimum 600 to 900 mm. ’Island’ may not be tolkovatel shape, but curved.

One of the rules of interior States that in a convenient planirovochnoe its area without the dining space should be between 8 to 10 kvadratmeter. Unfortunately, our typical kitchen modest size. Tolichowki talented designer will transform your kitchen into an attractive and original.For this you only need to apply in good repair and Stroitelnaya.


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