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Recently, we heard an interesting opinion that if Pushkin and Dostoevsky were born in our time, it would be no good light. Publishing is not interested in poetry or the complex literature, and a great exposition of the language - the tenth question. And they were not accepted on the Internet. After all, the network is literally full of sites for a relatively long time young and new authors, where even the lost genius is worthless.

Revision Website has decided to go on a bold experiment and come up with a hypothetical Vasya. For example, a friend sitting on the Net and comment on other people's "imperishable". Just as the victims of "the reviewer" we have tried to present not regular users, but well-known masters of pen and ink.

Edgar Allan Poe "The Black Cat" "It kakoy- nightmare. You're not a maniac, by chance? But while evil is punished - and thanks for that. Although you seem to really not happy. Do not write anymore, okay? I do not sleep. »

Tale of Kolobok" I am delighted! Symbolism Platonov with his "pits" and "juvenile seas" seems childish prattle compared with the depth of your work. How bright and grotesque fit you the whole world with its perpetual quest for illusory liberty and self-destruction in one small piece of a well-baked dough!

Everyone can (and should) find themselves in the Kolobok. Your subtle humor worthy of open competition with irony Shaw and Wilde pricks. The phrase: "Scat Gingerbread first on the grass, and then on the track ..." I dropped her off the couch. Who are you, an unknown genius? Answer me! Thank you! Good luck!

Richard Bach
Sincerely, Bob. " "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" "You generally have understood that written? Where are you speaking of seagulls seen? Especially traveling between worlds? I served in the Navy and seagulls seen enough. And if even one bird came to me and said: "I am a seagull!" - I would definitely quit drinking. If you have tried to show the limitless possibilities of the human, it is unclear why, as an example chosen vocal,

dirty, hungry and
stupid birds. »

JK Rowling's" Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, "" Disappointed. I am rooting for Lord Voldemort. I hope that does not bi kontinued? »

Arthur Conan Doyle," The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes "" Well, I liked it! A bit boring, but it is interesting. Custom detective, the perpetrator is not always the culprit. Evil Genius is present, everything is as it should be. That's just not clear how the two adult men for a long time been able to do without women? »

Haruki Murakami's" Buddy saves Kwak Tokyo "" Great! Cool! You are well done! Something hooked. Almost I did not understand anything, but only the name - 100 points »

Alexander Volkov
! "The Wizard of Oz", "Excellent work. I read in one breath. There is everything: adventure, and adventure, and philosophy, and fantasy, and even a little action. I liked the characters. Very worried about Dorothy and the Tin Woodman good android reminded of the movie "Alien." Very touched by the drama Bold Lion. Waiting for the continuation. »

Paulo Coelho's" The Alchemist "" Wow circle! A sense of such a long and tedious journey? As always? The eternal search for "something there"? By the way, a metaphor weak. Alchemist - pseudoscientist is trying to get out of cheap material gold. This process is rather linear, not circular. If you follow your associations, the gray man (lead) is trying to make himself a piece of gold, but, closing the circle, back again to lead.

In general, I do not really understand why it was to rewrite the old Bach truth. However, your version I like more than the troubles ornithology fan. But in general, no philosopher, you! A brief introduction to your other work suggests that you are strong only in sadomasochism.

Regards, Bob. »

Leo Tolstoy's" War and Peace "" I liked it! Interestingly, sometimes very much so. Particularly successful in battle scenes. But love you boring and pigeon. But in general, the product of a strong, complete, though a bit overcast. Special thanks to: You managed to do something that was not possible any teacher - to get me to learn French. Keep it up! »

Victor Pelevin" Chapaev and Emptiness "" Hmm. Interesting. Originally, fresh. It is read only bit hard, work on the syllable. A Inner Mongolia - where is it? There are, however, there are white elephants? An interesting interpretation of the relationship Petka and Vasily Ivanovich. But if you made them cool as Tarantino's heroes, it would be even better! And about the loony bin like most.

Basil. »

Fyodor Dostoyevsky's" Crime and Punishment "," You know, not bad. Written bright, tasteful. Clear images, relief. Very worried about Sonia. But the student did not like the pickle. Reflexive, sentimental, but the true depth it did not see. Indeed, "a trembling creature." Grandma sorry. Write more. »

Boris Akunin" The Adventures of Erast Fandorin "" I read everything. I did not like. Difficult to read, it stumbles on obscure words and horrible names (Erast ?? !!). The plot is too fantastic, why Japan dragged, do not understand. In addition, we see immediately that you do about this country do not know. Very long, a lot of extra words, people, action. No offense, but you should read more of other authors. »

Sergei Lukyanenko," Night Watch "" I do not understand. Vampires, werewolves, "get out of the gloom." It seems that some men with a hangover looking for the way home, simultaneously playing the role play. Write clearly! »

John Tolkien's" Lord of the Rings, "" You have changed my life! You are a genius! I am shocked to the core. Divorced his wife, this infection said he did not believe in fairies. Now I am in search of Truth, the path to which you pointed out to me. Just one question: Does the Shire far from Vyborg? If you do not go train, go on foot.

Sincerely, Bob received his sight. »

CS Lewis' The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe," "After the heavy disappointment and follow him depression caused by a response to my review notorious J. Tolkien, you become for me a new hope. And what? I spent fifteen hours in the closet, I have numb feet, I was hungry, but the door to Narnia was never opened! Maybe I was not in the closet? All this is very strange, like a silly joke. In general, your "Alice in Wonderland" is much brighter and clearer! That's just too small rabbit burrows.

Sincerely, disappointed in life
Bob. »

We have no doubt that each of us has ever faced (or will face) on the web with a similar "Vasya", boldly slashing the head not only graphomaniacs but deserved comrades of the literary department. Whatever he wrote Strugatsky, as it commented poetry of Mayakovsky? We can only guess. Or dream along with us!

Oleg Nagornov specifically for the Website
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