15 tricks to beauty that will make life easier for each girl

Every girl knows how much time and effort should be paid to grooming to look your best.

The editors of the Website wants to make life easier for all the girls, so we have collected 15 genius tricks that will definitely help save time and effort.

An alternative to brow gel

Instead of brow gel is the author of this blog advises to use normal hairspray. Spray the Polish on a special eyebrow comb brush or use the brush from the old mascara. Put eyebrows immediately after spraying.

Whitening nail

After dark varnish nails often turn yellow. To whiten them, soak a cotton wool with lemon juice and wrap in her nail, then wrap with foil. Hold it like that for 10-15 minutes and then remove.

The shelf life of cosmetics

Most often it is through such badge manufacturers specify the shelf life of the product after it opened. Not to forget, when expires, immediately after opening write with a marker on the package or vial the date after which cosmetics should not be used.

Emergency assistance for a broken fingernail

An ordinary tea bag will help to quickly cope with a disaster — a broken fingernail. Pour the tea and cut a slice of packet of the required size. Stick to the place where broken nail and cut the excess in the form of the nail. Treat this place with a nail file and coat a layer of base coat.

Eye drops for dried carcasses

To revive dried up mascara, an author of this blog advises to use eye drops "visine" or a liquid lens. Add a few drops to the ink, close and shake the bottle a bit. Then you can apply mascara on the lashes.

Cleaning the hair straightener, and Curling irons

To clean flat iron or Curling irons, mix baking soda with peroxide and gently Pat with a soft cloth over the surface. Then why not take another clean, dry cloth as shown here.

Blush for giving a matte lipstick

To make glossy lipstick matte, use a blush as shown here. The main thing — to choose the appropriate shade. Instead of blush you can use a matte shadow.

Perfect manicure

Before painting the nail varnish, apply to the skin around the lip balm or petroleum jelly. After I paint my nails, extra nail Polish will not stick to the skin and it will be easy to remove with a brush or cotton swab, as shown here.

Protection for cosmetic travel

To while traveling powder, blush and shading is not broken, put them in cotton pads that will fill the empty space and will soften the bumps. Manual here.

Dish for washing brushes

To faster and more efficient to wash make-up brushes, make special Mat, as described in this blog. Take a plastic or paper disposable plate, hot glue, apply arbitrary patterns. When the glue is dry, mix the water with shampoo, RUB the brush on a plate until the water runs clear, and then rinse them with clean water.

The trick for the dried eyeliner

If liquid eyeliner pen dried up, just pull out the brush and turn it as shown here. Insert it upside down and use on.

Baby oil instead of shaving cream

This blogger recommends to use baby oil instead of shaving cream. This technique will help to avoid irritation and moisturize the skin.

Balm for foot skin

For smooth and well-groomed stop use the bath with the addition of the means according to the recipe from this blog:

  • 2 cups warm water
  • 1 Cup vinegar
  • 1 Cup of mouthwash
Remedy electrified hair

With the onset of cold weather, the problem of the electrified hair especially important. To relieve stress and flatten the hair will help regular dry wipes. Carefully drag them across the length of the hair, says the author of this blog.

The trick for bright and dark lipsticks

The author of this blog advises that once you make up lip, to clasp a finger to his lips. Thus the excess lipstick will remain on your finger and will not fall on the teeth. After that, use concealer on the lips to make their shape more prominent.

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