These old Chihuahua had a lot of problems. But once they are very lucky

This adorable one-eyed pirate named Momo to 11 years had to go through a difficult test: the dog lost an eye and heard was not so good. But he was lucky to fall into good hands: Julie Docherty immediately fell in love with this baby and took to himself.

Since then, Julie took to himself some more old chihauhua: she decided that she could make their lives a little better. Dogs from 13 to 16 years old (equivalent to human 68-80 years), and together they are a real team.

"I realized how sad it is when old dog be all alone. You know, with them very easy: they sleep a lot and almost not a bully, unlike young puppies, but give no less of love and gratitude," says Julie.

Still, these dogs are very lucky: they found not only a warm shelter, but also met a wonderful hostess and found best friends. Here's a super-team!

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