Toy Chihuahua (14 photos)

The oldest in the Americas and the world's smallest breed. Chihuahua was bred in Mexico (the name of this breed comes from the name of the Mexican state). In Europe, Chihuahuas were introduced only at the end of the last century.

Growth from 16 to 22 cm. Weight of 0 to 9, 2 to 6 kg. The smaller the size of the dog, the more it is valued.

Chihuahua - Toy Dogs that are able to protect themselves from even larger dogs. They need physical activity, and should not be all the time to keep in the apartment.

According to the testimony of the Spanish chroniclers, Aztec kings extremely fond of mushrooms. Mushrooms are very appreciated among the Indians and were expensive. However, they brought in themselves and danger. There was nothing easier than to throw a royal piece of poisonous mushroom dish and thus remove it. Therefore, before a meal, royal dishes Let's first try slaves, and then the sacred "dumb dog" Techichi (quiet). Eating food, dog thus sanctified it. Techichi were the ancestors of the Chihuahua. Spaniards, and, in particular, Colombia, and called them - "dumb dog" because they almost never cast a vote.

Popularization of Chihuahua (the smallest dog in the world) has contributed to a famous opera singer Adelina Patti. In 1890 the President of Mexico gave her chihuahua, hidden in a bouquet of flowers :)


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