When I can not sleep ...

Tonka sighs: "Happy." What a fucking happy? .. Here, she now lives alone, this is happiness - what you want to do ... And well, that the sons were married, and his wife with apartments and live in different parts of the city - less to each other will go less envy ... And we will be good: we live together in a two-bedroom - for life today is a luxury ... But had this apartment for free. My bedroom then surrendered, and the Kin Kong at work was ... proud.

In the bedroom I went, "I'll sleep on the window." The owner has become! And as it ascended in-law! I remember we had a falling out with him at svekrovinoy country, and it is after us: "Cast out her! Cast out ..! .." Until this decade, "Sonia, Sonia ..." and then razduharilsya! Little brother was with us then - he was still gosling - heard it all and somehow, in five years, scolded for something, and he told me: "You're not the mistress! Dad got an apartment! "... And most importantly, this is the daddy! sitting right there and says nothing ... Oh, you're the box, I think I'll make you an apartment, your mother! .. raking carpets and kilims, take chalk and otcherchivayu floor area of ​​my bedroom apartment, which we passed. A week on its territory lived, and became as silk! .. Something I'm all about it and bad? Probably will live long. With such a dream - it is not surprising. We must think about something pleasant, and then perhaps these thoughts fall asleep? ..

Still Draw the curtains, and I'll go to the kitchen Single Corvalol drip ... Oh, lying and lying Bulldozer snoring ... and his arms crossed. And on the kitchen table again with the knife removed. And, in fact, how many times he said it was a quarrel. And to prove it, that this is so - no, do not pay attention to him ... all the fucking give a damn about. Here are the nerves of a man! .. Well, nothing - sleep on it, dear, and is waiting for you syurprizets ... And what is it I'm standing in front of him as before Lenin in the mausoleum? .. And, remember. In a magazine I read about interoperability and how to check it. It turns out everything is simple - it is necessary engagement ring on a thread hang, and standing at his feet, hold. If it is shaken across - bad energy from it is ... So, while the eyes are closed, or you can look at? .. Something does not work - hand trembles. Okay, another time I will do when I will not so angry ...

Potikha onechku-lodge-imsya - you can not wake up! - And think of something pleasant, next to the tractor ... Imagine, for example, an aquarium with beautiful fish ... Fish Pla avayut, calm down-aivayut. Ry-ybki ... Fish is not meat, and the tractor is not a machine. Damn, damn, what is it? .. That's the car we bought from scratch. He shares of "Gazprom" and just sold a new "five" enough ... And how many nerves I had to spend. Nobody knows! .. Right, then only I had, and he has not even studied. I remember once I pulled up to the house - and he was sitting next to - and made a reservation instead of "our", said "my car." He has eyebrows like boom cranes, shot up ... but he said nothing. But, I saw four days went to the toilet unnecessarily - constipation occurred. Oh, that means - mine! ... I must go to the Utilities complain about the neighbors above: over the past two months, a toilet fill the fourth time and "we are not and we are all right." And this, as always, no matter what do not have to, you know, he gets tired at work. And I have no work or something? ..

We stock sometimes such pandemonium begins - it would be easier to beat the sleepers crutches ... And what area commander took a job! Tall. Slim. Always clean. Dress tastefully ... Tonka, of course, right there. And in this Tonka something? No figures ... and milling machine operator. However, once the feathers brushed the hem and parachute dome ... And this is, snoring ... the morning get up, take a shower, and you go after with a cloth - clean water from the floor. How can you?! .. I have one tube of toothpaste for a month enough, and during that time he spends two ... and starts a thread teeth cleaned - all mirror slap, like flies, three sit ... Gander tap each time over the bath leaves. What is difficult to turn back on the sink?! .. Happy Tonka yesterday, said the foreman came to her home - flowers, champagne ... And then the snoring, but Corvalol, who is also a pancake, and does not take ...
-th-Isa, well, Mich ... No, the work will not soon ...

© Nicodemus Ratm


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