Sweethearts celebrities

Do celebrities their quirks. They even choose the color of the pet dresses at the Oscars. Main photo of star pupils Christopher Ameruoso make thousands of images 500 celebrities with their dogs, lizards, and even piglets.

Paris Hilton with her Chihuahua named Tinkerbell. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Chris suddenly discovered that sometimes pets with stellar work much easier than with their hosts. Photo: Pamela Anderson with labrador named Star. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Sharon Osbourne with her Pomeranian puppy named Chicken (right) and Maltese named Mini. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Ozzy Osbourne with a bulldog named Chewie. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Megan Fox with his Pot-bellied pig Piggy Smalls. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Jennifer Love Hewitt with her chihuahua. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)


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