Marilyn and pets

Not only French actress Brigitte Bardot loved, loves and will love animals, but also the American diva 50s Marilyn Monroe was not indifferent to our younger brothers. Marilyn never had children, so pets brightened her lonely life, despite the fact that Monroe was always surrounded by people. A lot of people. The actress has always said that it is animals - the most loyal, kind and sympathetic creature in the world, and most people only hurt her heart ... Of course, Marilyn loved people, but after three miscarriages automatically start to seek it, for someone who can take care of and you never betray. This quality beauty found in animals, warm pictures that have been preserved in the archives of photos of Marilyn Monroe to this day.

Dogs never bite me. Only people.

Marilyn with her cat Miso:

Marilyn with her dog named Maf:

And with other animals:

And on top of rare photos of pregnant MM:


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