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This time I decided to concentrate its (and your) attention on the photos from film sets of films were involved in the legendary actors and actresses, because look at them, even if it is a blue screen - a pleasure.

Marilyn Monroe

In Marilyn Monroe's impossible to watch without a smile - it was so sunny and cheerful, both on screen and in life. Only in spite of all ostentatious fun on set, the actress was very unhappy. And so many of her colleagues were thinking:

She seemed very sad ... but often you do not notice, because it could outperform all the guys at the bar.

Marilyn on the set of the film "Nepriyakannye" (1961), directed by her second husband Arthur Miller.

Marilyn and her husband Arthur. According to witnesses, during the filming of Marilyn badly I treated him. They lived in the same apartment, but a few days later Arthur slid.

Marilyn Partner of "The Misfits" was a charming Clark Gable. On the last day of filming, the actor said:

Oh my God! I am happy that this movie finally filmed. She (Marilyn) brought me a heart attack. The next day, Gable got myocardial infarction, and died 11 days later.

An afternoon nap under a 40-degree sun Nevada desert, where the movie was filmed.

Marilyn with his understudy Evelyn Moriarty

Wonderful pictures from the filming of "The Seven Year Itch" (1955)

Marilyn and directed by Otto Preminger on the set of the painting "The river does not flow backwards." The actress pulled ligaments, performing stunts on the set.

Three pairs of jeans, which the actress wore in the film, got in her personal collection of things and after her death, were sold at auction for $ 42,000. The buyer was Tommy Hilfiger.

Film set of the movie "Niagara" (1952).

Marilyn and Don Murray on the set of "Bus Stop" (1956).

With director John Huston in the film "The Asphalt Jungle". According to Arthur Miller, Hyustno was one of the few people who trust Marilyn.

"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes": Marilyn and Jane Russell rest between shots.

James Dean

Once again convinced that James Dean - one of the finest actors in the world. The camera loved him. It is a pity that his life ended very early (the actor died in a car crash in 24 years), and he did not have time to show us all that he was able to ...

Actor with his partner in the film "Rebel Without a Cause" Natalie Wood.

With the director of the film Nikalosom Reyem.

It was James Dean introduced the fashion for white T-shirt. Throughout the film his character appears in the frame in a white T-shirt, which until then were only under clothing - as underwear. After the film's release sales of white shirts around the world have increased by several times.

Rare photos of James Dean actor moves down the banisters on the set of "Rebel Without a Cause».

"Giant" - the last film of James Dean in which he starred with Elizabeth Taylor.

James and Liz fool around on the set ...

... And then the rest together.

James Dean entertains locals during a break between filming.

And local children singing Coke.

For the filming of the movie, James has learned to skillfully handle the lasso.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn - an amazing woman. It combines the naivete of a young girl and the beauty of a fatal beauty, though, to the credit of the Hepburn, this beauty she never stick out. Name Audrey - is synonymous with elegance and grace, class and style.

Audrey and her partner Gregory Peck playing cards on the set of "Roman Holiday". It Peck told the producers to put the first name in the credits of Audrey, because he believed that she must get "Oscar" for the role. And so it happened.

During the filming of the scene where the heroine Audrey says goodbye to a hero Gregory Peck, actress crying for real. The fact that Hepburn could not squeeze out a tear, so the director of the film was so angry at her that she really began to cry.

Film set of the legendary "Breakfast at Tiffany's».

Audrey on the set of "Sabrina" (1953)

With partner set Humphrey Bogart. Bogart cool attitude to Audrey (he was dissatisfied with the fact that the main role chose it, not his wife), and when asked how he was working with Hepburn, said:

Normally, apart from the fact that each time had to do 20 takes.

Generally with Bogart it was very difficult to work. His shooting day ends at 6 pm - that's when he started drinking whiskey, and when someone told him that would be nice to still work, it just silently removed.

This was the first film Audrey, where she starred in clothes created by Hubert de Givenchy. Since then, she was dressed only in his throughout his film career.

Audrey Marlene Dietrich, who came to support her on the set.

On the set of "Sabrina" Hepburn carelessly fallen in love with his partner William Holden, who was married. Her feeling was mutual, but Holden could not have children, and Audrey, who always wanted to have a big family, immediately severed relations with him.

Audrey and Dean Martin

With the director of the film "My Fair Lady" George Cukor.

"The Nun's Story" (1959)

Audrey tints his famous eyebrows in the dressing room studio Paramount Pictures.

In a break between filming Audrey engaged in knitting (1955).

With Peter O'Toole on smkah film "How to Steal a Million" (1966). Audrey, of course, wear Givenchy.

Brigitte Bardot

In contrast to the restrained Audrey Brigitte Bardot have always been bullies way that is consistent with its character and appearance. Rebel with the appearance of a fatal beauty, throwing a successful film career for the sake of the struggle for animal rights - that is so in a nutshell can be described as an actress.

Brigitte and Jean-director Liu Godard on the set of "Contempt»

In this film, Brigitte had to hide his dark blond hair under a wig. Blonde she definitely better.

Set of the film "Letting go of the reins" (1961)

Bardot in the film "Babette Goes to War." It was after this film the legendary Brigitte voluminous hairstyle became known as it is called today - Babette.

On the set of "Shalako" (1968), where the actress became a partner of Sean Connery.

Sean and Brigitte fool around during the break between filming.

A few photos from the film sets of films with Brigitte Bardot in the leading role.

Jeff Bridges

Maybe Jeff Bridges has not yet acquired its iconic status, like James and Audrey, but no one would argue that it is very, very talented actor. In addition, Jeff has a very good habit - he makes the photo with film sets of films released, and makes them interesting signature. To us it just at hand!

The set of "Iron Man" (2008)

John (Jon Favreau - director) to decide how we are going to shoot a scene ...

Another reason why I wanted to do this movie - I had to shave nalyso. I always wanted to do it.

Robert helped me ...

I admired their work with them was very easy and fun - selected a film crew is excellent.

Test picture Costume: Robert Downey Jr.

Test shot suit: Gwyneth Paltrow (her daughter Apple was her company)

Set of the film "True Grit" (2010)

Hay (actress Hayley Staynfeld) and I

Haley and his understudy

Matt puts on his "new" language

1st day of shooting - Joel (Joel Klen - the director) and Haley. First day of her first film.

While Ethan (Ethan Coen - the second director) scans captured footage from "The Bear».

Haley tells the story of Matt

Matt took a picture of me

I photographed it

Matt Damon. The tragedy / comedy

Haley's father, Peter, visit his daughter at the shooting

Jesse and me. My daughter Jess was my assistant in the work on the film. As she was good!

Chrissie Beveridge Matt
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