Marilyn Monroe

"She was lovely. Perfection shapes combined with the natural innate grace and boundless inner spiritual energy constantly lit up the face. " It is this review could not be better characterize the beauty of Marilyn Monroe, which was, is, and will present the legendary diva, gone from us for reasons unknown ...

This woman has created herself, because in the age of twenty, her beauty did not fit into the established canon - its growth was only 162 centimeters, she weighed more than 60 kilograms, the volume of the breast and the volume of the thighs amounted to 96 centimeters, she was a brunette, and in her eyes was so much sadness, grief and loneliness tracks that did not notice it was impossible.

But things have changed a few years later when Marilyn decided to become one of the brightest stars of world culture of the twentieth century. She dyed her hair blonde and began to fix the nose and chin, got rid of stuttering (she did this in 16 years), and began to feel a graceful and feminine essence. Norma Jean Baker became Marilyn Monroe, but she just has ceased to be the same externally, but not internally. Children resentment taivshiesya in her soul, known only to her, and we can only speculate why the left in the life of the legendary actress.

Versions about her death a great many. On the night of August 5, 1962 in Brentwood (CA) found her dead from receiving a lethal dose of sleeping pills, Marilyn at the time was 36 years old. At the moment we know five versions of her death: murder committed by security services on the orders of the Kennedy brothers, in order to avoid publicity sex, murder committed by mafia groups, drug overdose, suicide, medical mistake psychoanalyst actress - but until now no one knows the truth. She died, but the memory of it remained in the hearts of men.

Today I would like to show you what Marilyn was shortly before his death, in what condition it was in, and the place where her heart ever stopped beating ... If you look into the pictures, you can understand that, most likely, it was a suicide although other versions too, should not be denied. We do not know what happened to her, and probably will never know ...

Last photoshoot

It is reported that during this photo shoot of Marilyn drank champagne, taking psychotropic drugs and cried in a separate room ...

Last Birthday

Marilyn died a few months after this happy, but at the same time a sad holiday.

The last interview

"I beg you, do not make me laugh," - it's the last words of Marilyn Monroe, uttered at the end of the eight-hour interview, which took her journalist Richard Meriman Life, then to write a great article, published August 3, 1962.

After 48 hours in a villa in Brentwood, near Los Angeles, Marilyn was found dead.

During the interview, Marilyn was very emotional.

Before his death, Marilyn is very thin.

Posthumous photo

Marilyn's body carried out of the house where she was found dead, or, as the majority suggests, murdered.

Room, where she spent the last days of the incomparable woman and actress.

The picture, which depicted the lifeless body of Marilyn shocked the international community. On the nightstand beside the bed you can see the huge number of pills and drugs.

Last photos of Monroe, made directly in the morgue, which shows her face ...

Tombstone. Despite all the speculation chapeau stating that Marilyn was cremated, she was buried as it should be - the coffin with her body placed in a special crypt.


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