Chihuahua-who is it?

Can live even in the smallest apartment is ideal dog for overpopulated city. Prefers to live in a team – loves the company of their kind and the owner, so compatibility issues will not arise.

This baby requires minimal maintenance. In order not to lose their diminutive size, Chihuahuas need exercise. Overcome the temptation to always carry your pet on his hands, he is able to follow you even during the longest walks. Suitable for anyone, even very old or limited in movements.

But jokes kids don't understand and can "snap" sassy baby. Adult Chihuahua usually has its own character not just a few weeks, she carefully eyeing his new owner and may even seem shy. In fact, she was wondering who will be the master in the house! Has a surprisingly loud voice for such a little girl and can scare an unusual person. Make sure that the baby was always warm – he can grab rheumatism.

In addition, Chihuahuas are very fragile head – protect your baby from bumps. Be careful on the walks – dog dare to recklessness, and does not feel its size, and the giants began playing, may accidentally harm it.

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