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Some people believe that pets in the process of life with their hosts are incredibly similar to them. And it is not so much the external similarity (of course as far as possible), but also the nature of four-legged friend. Compliance with certain animal and man is very important because thanks to him between the pet and the owner established a strong bond that can not be destroyed. Statistics say that the police often choose as pets German Shepherd, athletes terriers, butchers dogs, society ladies lapdogs, quiet woman in years poodles, etc. But sometimes there are exceptions, and exceptions, these are not uncommon among the stars who acquire animals as dogs and cats a wide variety of breeds.

Selena Gomez - Moses is a real dog. She lives in the house as long as six dogs, the last of which was husky puppy named Baylor. This mileyshee creation Selena and her boyfriend Justin Bieber took the orphanage «D'Arcy's ARC». But it should be noted that other dogs singer did not buy, and picked up on the street.

"I have six dogs, and they were all saved. Two we found in the parking lot, and then another one from a neighbor in the courtyard, which is moved to another location, which is very cruel to him. Another one picked up on the set of the TV series "Wizards of Waverly Place" (we saw him in Puerto Rico, he was hit by a car and we took him to the vet, and then I took it home). I took the rest of the shelter. They are all very good, though a little spoiled now »

Molly King is very small and very cute dog, which, of course, remains without due attention of the press, because the King draws it to itself. But it is not important, it is important to Molly loved her pet!

Dog actress January Jones, according to the girl, her first child, because to this motherhood she was prepared with the help of a pet. In addition, the dog is very friendly and Jones does not bark even at the pesky paparazzi ...

"Paparazzi precipitated my street, I was on guard at the house. And every day I do the same thing: to walk his dog. My poor dog has learned all photographers! We have to talk to her, Hey, why do not you laesh, it's not our friends! »

Charming dog Selma Blair was born to be in the spotlight! Just look at her smile, she's so sweet! By the way, Blair clever that walks with doggie even on the big stage of pregnancy: and she breathes fresh air and gives the dog frolic.

Sorry, but this cat does not live in the house Salma Hayek, as handed her the actress during fotoshuta film "Puss in Boots" in Moscow. This friendly furry koteyka - a theater Yuri Kuklachev, so it is not particularly resisted to be in the hands of such beauty. Hayek also loves animals at home she has a cat, and as many as 10 dogs. Home Zoo some!

In this image Mary-Kate Olsen looks surprisingly well, and she has a great rate, though I thought that her dogs of other breeds ... But the fee - it's too bad, I noticed a small detail - Taxi chosen mainly people of small stature (well, -Extremely least in my environment exactly).

Dog Kate Bosworth looks for the cameras as indifferently as hostess. Eyes to the floor and light tread on the planned business ...

Tiny Maltese named Lola model Alessandra Ambrosio I won! She is so sweet, it seems that it is not created from the flesh, blood, and hair, and of sweet cotton candy ... Super! And in any case it is better to seal the home, which requested the daughter Alessandra Anya.

"Seal immediately liked Anya and she began to moan: Mom, well, buy me this, just a little! We left the zoo without a seal, but the next day the baby purchased Lola »

Hilary Duff several dogs, but she considers the most beloved Chihuahua Lola her that a few times and was sick all the times her favorite actress maintained in a veterinary clinic. Of course, the other pets Hilary might be offended by a tweet, "My dog ​​Lola - the best in the world", but they do not know how to read and so loyal and faithful to her mistress at 100. I love her enough for all, and newborn son Luke in first of all.

The Australian Shepherd Finn wonderful hostess! Amanda Seyfried regularly walks with him and believes that Finn is the true friend that helps her cope with depression and parting with fickle men. Dog - man's best friend, and it's true.

A mixture of Maltese and poodle named Penny almost never gets off the hands of actress Blake Lively, which takes its crumb even shooting "Gossip Girl." And let the one described Penny Dress Blake right in front of the paparazzi in true friendship and loyalty are no hard feelings. Hushed embarrassment and again embrace redhead babe Penny :)

They say that Paris Hilton almost 17 miniature dogs, because at each event breed doggie on hands Hilton remains the same, and their muzzle changed. They even have their own house for 250 thousand dollars, where the conditions for their comfortable stay. Well what can I say? The rich have their quirks and glamorous ...

Jack Russell dog is very, very, very lucky, because he is not only a favorite of the pretty lady with diabetes voice, but also the one with whom the singer Mariah Carey can take a hot bath. Yes, and this information was in the press. Chudyat so chudyat!

At least the dog Hugh Jackman and sad eyes, but I think that living in a loving complete family where you have as its members, very nice. French bulldog named Dali very cool (and I suspect that it was terribly clever), and he appeared in the star family not so long ago - in 2010.

Pooch Porgy and Bess - a gift Jude Law Sienna Miller, and he is a real man, while parting gave custody of the "children" of the former lover.

Dog Agyness Deyn certainly can claim to be the most stylish of the star pupil. Just look at the collar and color doggie! How did like the stars of "kids-pencil", they just like plush toys, the only living and in any case not offend by word or deed.

Fluffy, small, well-groomed creature grasping handles Mischa Barton - it's her favorite Ziggy.

That's so. At first glance, Mickey Rourke brutal Maine who matched only Bulldog, but if you look better Hollywood actor - a gentle, reverent and sincere man who has several mini-dogs. All of them he loves immensely, but after the death of 18-year-old Chihuahua Loki, he was devastated, walking closed, wearing a pendant with a picture of Loki and even dedicated his deceased pet "Golden Globe". Thank God those days behind and Mickey has other dogs who love him no less than Loki, but still an old friend is better than two new ones ... Too bad dog.

I do not like bull terriers, but Lily Allen does not share this position and gladly embraces his English "Snow White" named Maggie ...

Justin Timberlake, who five minutes to the husband, in an interview admitted that the best kiss he had been with ... with ... with the dog. His dog named Buckley kisses better than Diaz, Spears and even Bill! :)

"It is fun! When he kisses me I like rain on your face, which is very cute ... »


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