Mothers Day

In the second Sunday of May all over the world (except for some countries) celebrate Mother's Day. This event is dedicated to this selection.

Gloria from "Modern Family" (Sofia Vergara). Despite the fact that sometimes Gloria puzzle some quirks of her son Manny, she always supported him. Thus, Gloria manages and a trail

Claire from "Modern Family" (Julie Bowen). Supermegazabotlivaya mom who believes that children will not survive without her overprotective. Despite the fact that at times with his concern for Claire goes too far, for their children, it "will tear»

Luis from one of my childhood favorite series "Malcolm in the Middle." (Jane Kaczmarek). Five children, a husband-wimp and debts - how not to become a fury. But Luis evil mother - this is only a mask to keep the kids in line, in fact, she loves her boys

Simspon Marge Simpsons. Great woman. Being the wife of a man like Homer - is admirable, but also to raise three children and keep the house, without turning into Baba Yaga, only by women with the rod

Meredith Grey of "Grey's Anatomy" (Ellen Pompeo). Having a lot of problems in his personal life, she decided to adopt a child and began his caring mother

Becca of the new series "Lost" (Ashley Judd). This woman will stop at nothing to find his missing son, herself while risking their lives

It is not a mummy in the literal sense of the word, but taking care of their pets, dragons, like a loving parent. Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) in "Game of Thrones»

Lynette Scavo of "Desperate Housewives" - a bunch of kids, spouse, who can not always rely on the problem from all sides. However, Lynette keeps everything under control

Grace Kelly in "Grace Under Fire" (Brett Butler). We have the role of Tatiana Dogileva embodied in the series "Luba, children and the plant." Cheerful mother of three children, optimist and generally well done

Grace Kelly

Lyuba Orlova

And of course, unique Dasha Bukin of "Happy Together" (Natalia Bochkarev). Though this show and adaptation of the American "Married with Children", Dasha is much more colorful mothers in the US version


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