Birth and death in Sierra Leone (20 photos)

Nightmare of course, but so are born in Sierra Leone.
The situation in hospitals awful!

In Sierra Leone - one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the world - one in eight women in Sierra Leone dies from complications after childbirth.

Girl looks at an empty duck on his bed in the hospital Kambia. The girl suffered a miscarriage. Alarmingly high number of miscarriages and birth of dead children in Sierra Leone began to subside in April this year, when the country was provided free medical care. (© Bethany Clarke / Eyevine / / ZUMA)

Two children sit on a bed in a therapeutic feeding center in Kambia. The center began to receive hundreds of malnourished children since the provision of free medical services to residents. Before that, children are not just brought to the hospital because the parents could not afford the cost of gasoline and treatment. (© Bethany Clarke / Eyevine / / ZUMA)

Woman lies beside her sick child. The government hopes that free medical care will help reduce child mortality. Hospitals need help to maintain standards at an appropriate level, and the region has not yet recovered from a brutal civil war. (© Bethany Clarke / Eyevine / / ZUMA)

14-year-old Fatmai holding her son. This is her first child. She has a husband, but for five days in the hospital to her no one came. Fatmane caesarean section, because her pelvis was too small, so that she could give birth to itself. Thanks to the new Medicare program, this operation is free of charge, without her baby would have died. (© Bethany Clarke / Eyevine / / ZUMA)


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