"Poo-Poo Choo-Choo Train". From New York to Sierra Blanca

In 1991, an act came into force prohibiting dumping wastes into the ocean, and New York was faced with a serious problem - was nowhere to dump the so-called sludge (thick gryazeobraznaya mass with an unpleasant odor, which remains as a result of one of the stages of sewage treatment). On the search for a solution to this problem, read on. Until that moment, the problem is easily solved - sludge shipped in special tankers, which went beyond the 100-mile zone, where the muck is discharged directly into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It was much cheaper than the sludge disposed of in compliance with all environmental rules and regulations. Pisces, of course, it's going to harm, but they are known, can not complain.

So there were special trains, popularly nicknamed «Poo-Poo Choo-Choo Train» (in Russian it would be something like a locomotive Ka-ka Tu-tu). Every day convoys loaded with selective New York shit directed at the other end of the country, in the town of Sierra Blanca, which is located in the state of Texas near the Mexican border. It was located one of the world's largest sludge burial.
Carry shit far away (from New York to Sierra Blanca nearly 3 400 kilometers) was a necessary measure. In New York State hazardous waste is prohibited by law, and other states have refused to host the dangerous and toxic waste in such volumes. But people involved in the case who can make proposals on which can not be - the company «Merco» from Long Island, received the 168 millionth contract with the city, it has been linked to the Lucchese crime family. As a result, a place in the dump was found on the edge of the American land - in Texas.
"Downtown Sierra Blanca».

There are 4, 5 million was bought a huge plot of land (517 square kilometers) remaining from a failed development project for the construction of a golf resort. The deal, document held company owned by a local judge and received $ 20 000 fee. Immediately after buying the business guys from Long Island have identified one of the half million grant to the University of Texas study proves safety of hazardous waste. After they were taken at a salary nearly all local influential people, including former and current auditor sheriff's district. As a result, without any public hearings and stuff, he signed a five-year contract for the disposal of sludge in New York. Permission from the state government, they have received for a record 23 days. And the next day the south pulled freight trains reserves the bad smell in the air and a pleasant weight in someone's pockets. The process of removal of shit cars across the country began.
Almost every day in Sierra Blanca arrived on 45 rail cars loaded to the eyeballs sludge which after discharge uniformly scattered over a vast territory of the burial ground. The process of the documents took place not as a hazardous waste, and the land as fertilizer by using "bio-fertilizer." For the economy of the city, whose population barely more than 500 people and which has not changed since the days of the Wild West, New York shit turned this gold mine. Local quickly stopped paying attention to the stench that wafted wind - so the smell of money, they said. The dump has become the largest employer in the city. Just one year began the first problems with the environment. On the part of the local population is not involved in the business and environmental organizations have repeatedly attempted to close the cemetery, but they all ended formal replies or amusing explanations. For example, one of the complaints of a strong stench in the streets of Sierra Blanca, the state government said that it was the smell of the city sewage treatment plant. And this despite the fact that the Sierra Blanca no treatment plant was not in sight. There's even a sewage system, no. At one of the hearings, the judge (the same) has taken a decision in favor of recovery said that the city's economy is much more important odor and poor health of its inhabitants, and they should be grateful to God for the gift of the mountains of New York shit.

It ended the self-other, when New York had learned to process your shit himself. The last train left for Texas in 2001. Now the sludge is dried in place, and the resulting mass is burned or used for the production of fertilizers. True, not all wastewater treatment plants have the necessary equipment and sludge to be transported between stations by the same tankers that before it threw off into the ocean. I had a separate post about it. Not to say that this is the perfect technology, but, anyway, this is the best that could come up. Besides, it is not necessary states and other litter the environment. And the fish are happy.
When in 2009, we decided to clean the Hudson River from toxic waste, which threw off there for many years the company Con Edison, went on exactly the same scenario: a truck-car-Texas. And 700 tons of hazardous waste found its new home on the other side of America, and the New York fish were again saved.
P.S. Living in today's world, where everything is supposedly developed countries are actively fighting for the preservation of nature, by introducing more and more new environmental regulations, standards and limitations, one wonders how just yesterday the same developed countries this nature is actively foul.

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