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As you know, conditioned footage, filmed by Sergio Leone from June 1982 to April 1982 for his great film "Once in America" ​​would be enough for eight or even ten hours of film. The first version of the painting lasted six watches - Sergio Leone planned to release two three-hour film. The producers did not support this idea, in the final version of the film 3:00 left 49 minutes (I am talking about a European, rather than ugly rugged American version, which was less than two and a half hours). Sergio Leone wanted to release a longer version of the film - a 4, 5 hours. In 1989, Sierra Leone had died. Footage of "Once in America", not included in the 229-minute version, until 2011 was considered lost.

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But in 2011 children Sergio Leone, Andrea (son) and Raffaella (one of the daughters), have announced that they will release a restoration of "Once in America" ​​that will last 4, 5:00, and show it in 2012 either Cannes or Venice. As a result, an extended version of "Once in America", which was shown at Cannes in 2012, and later released on Blu-ray, as long as the canonical version of 22 minutes. The total duration of the film - 4 hours 13 minutes, but the first two minutes - that is, information on the extended version of "The main objective of the restoration was to return to film scenes missing. The scenes are cut by Sergio Leone, and that was considered lost, included in this edition is so harmoniously as possible. Unfortunately, lost scenes are preserved only in the form of positives, so make sure that the quality of deleted scenes match the rest of the film, it was extremely difficult. This result brings us closer to the original vision of the director. A huge role in the restoration of the film played documents and evidence of the family of Sergio Leone and his colleagues ».

The first "new" scene - a continuation of the visit to the crypt of the old noodle. We are accustomed to that found in the crypt key noodles immediately opens the storage chamber, but he is interested in his personality headmistress funeral companies (ideal role for Louise Fletcher, better known as Nurse Mildred Ratched).

While it is tempting to Noodles build yourself a crypt Noodles oversees the limousine that there seems to be a reason, and even writes his number. And only after that it goes into the storage chamber.

Then we return to the youth and to watch movies scene copying finals "Jules and Jim." After the fall of the car in the water cut quite a lot. Please guys, floating in the water can not dokrichatsya noodles.

Invisible bonding connects the bubbling water with mixing internals garbage truck that is already old noodles considering walking gate minister Bailey.

But then out of the gate leaves limousine - exactly the same noodles accompanied to the cemetery. Noodles compares with recorded numbers, but the result we did not know - the limo explodes.

And only after that it begins the telecast, which speak just about that same explosion, as well as about the suicide of another witness in the Bailey. Then there is a trade union boss Jimmy Clean Hands, and we are back in the early years.

That's going to Noodles infamous interview with Deborah. While Deborah's not, he confessed with a Jew-limo driver (one of the two actors' film producer Arnon Milchan works), which in general do not approve of noodles.

After the meeting Noodles drunk pieces - then and there Eve. Of course, she is a prostitute, and for five hundred dollars, which mistakenly gives her noodles, though it is ready to be called Deborah.

In bed Noodles almost immediately falls asleep. The next morning, he finds a note from Eve and runs to the station to see off Deborah. The next time he saw Deborah only thirty-five years in the role of Shakespeare's Cleopatra.

9. The case goes to the climax, and the main thing is not to turn into a pillar of salt - before his meeting with Minister of Noodles Bailey, aka Max meets with honest guy James O'Donnell.
It turns out that it was Jimmy Clean Hands received 40% of the missing pension money. So he removes witnesses Bailey. Max still die, and Jimmy invites him to sign a paper in which the son of Max and Deborah will inherit 12% obshchak - as soon as Max die. Max sign the paper and O'Donnell assures that he will die soon.

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