World conspiracy watchmakers (16 photos)

This plot is that any advertising wristwatches arrow past are always set for 10 hours and 10 minutes. Why is that? The reasons were called different: from marketologicheskoy "imitation smiles" to the character anti-fascist organization, which has almost a hundred years is a clandestine struggle against fascism. decided to once again gather together all versions and to conduct a study of hours of advertising for the real existence of such a "conspiracy."

Marketologicheskaya version.

Marketers and brand managers see in this position the arrows on the clock the deeper meaning of the subconscious psychology. It is an imitation of a smile, and then the one who looks at the advertising will not have unconscious feelings of depression, if the arrows to look at 16:40, that is portrayed to sadness. And so goes the clock and smiling cheerfully send the audience a positive charge.

A practical version.

In many cases, the arrow in any other position on modern chronometers and watches close logo, extra dials and jewelery. And the position of the hands to 10:10 gives the person an opportunity to examine all the details and all the dials at the head of the main and the arrows themselves, who have their own hours of good value. The disadvantage of this version only, which is not at all hours there are numerous options for consideration that it is necessary to position the shooter.

"Decent" version.

When the minute hand stands at ten minutes or so, the hour hand is almost exactly at the hour digits. What gives the mean hours of order and dignity. 10:00 And in addition to the 10 minutes are chosen strictly for reasons of symmetry. Again, for the sake of order and rigor of the form.

Industrial version.

It is in this position the clock set at a conveyor assembly. And advertising is removed completely new watch just descended from the conveyor and that went up for a second. In this version there is something to complain about one thing mechanical clock that will not go until they zavedesh, but how to be a quartz clock, which the batteries are inserted before vanishing from the line and the clock with automatic winding vibration and shaking?

Aesthetic version.

Boils down to the fact that the arrow in the "10:10" look more aesthetically pleasing. Advertising should be beautiful - so something, they say, in all advertising shootings uses this time value. Version does not hold water, ie. A. The value of "10:10" in no way superior to the aesthetic values ​​of the properties of "15:00", "15:30", "11:15" and several others.

In this version of rational ends and begins the version of "otherworldly».

Conspiracy theories.

Actually, this version and gives the name of the phenomenon of worldwide conspiracy watchmaker. According to the assumption, "10:10" - is some sort of encrypted message, which regularly exchange members of a secret society (obviously, this society owns all the watchmakers). Version is incomplete, ie. A. Did not disclose the meaning of the message. (There are two interpretations of the message. In the first, "10:10" - a time when something - who knows what, but something very significant - about to happen. The second interpretation denies all connection between "10:10" with kakim- the specific time, and treats the phenomenon as follows: until all the arrows are advertisements in this position, no action is to be, but if you suddenly start publishing advertising clock to another time value, it means that something has changed and you need to act - known as but somehow very much.)

Economic version.

According to this version, photograph for advertising clocks arrow in the "10:10" simply extremely beneficial: that periodicals give generous discounts on advertising materials with exactly taken off the clock. The fact that 10:10 - a time when traditional walking a Labrador Koni Putin. A reminder of this very pleasant president and his administration routinely flip through political, economic and glossy magazines, where such advertising is placed. Editor are well aware of their habits of these and, therefore, accept advertising models with the "right" time at a discount (ie. N. "Loyalty discounts"). Version, with all its harmony, suffering inescapable drawback: lack of evidence. For obvious reasons, information on the "loyalty discounts" never appeared in the press. There is no direct evidence and the fact that the horses are walking it at 10:10. Well, in general, "10:10" in hours of advertising - a worldwide phenomenon.

Version of Dan Brown.

The author's version of author Dan Brown's conspiracy is essentially a version with an alternative interpretation. Brown believes that the position of the hands, "10:10" - a message from the old anti-fascist organization to all its members and supporters that the organization still operates, and the fight - continues. That logic Brown arrows in the "10:10" form an angle of exactly 115 degrees. A 115 degrees Celsius - it is just the temperature at which boiling antifreeze. "Antifreeze" consonant "Anti-Fritz" - that is the name of the organization wore, partisans during World War II in Eastern Europe. In it, by the way, included a large number of watchmakers (they were responsible for the preparation of movements for explosive devices). According to Brown, it turns out that the "Anti-Fritz" is still in effect. By the way, the writer believes that when the leaders of the "Anti-Fritz" decide that their mission is fully implemented, the advertisements change: arrow keys come to "11:05." "11:05" clearly read as «V» - «victory», «victory», t. E. Meaning of the message is very simple: victory will be ours!

It also makes sense to recall the "Da Vinci Code". In this book, stacked arrows symbolize the Grail shrine to the Order of the Priory of Sion.

And in the end, perhaps, is exactly the opposite result version:

There is no global conspiracy watchmakers there.

Even in modern advertising clock found absolutely arbitrary location of the shooter, not to mention advertising early and mid-twentieth century.

Although in fairness I must say that hours of "Smile" in advertising as much more.




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