World conspiracy

Recently, the Internet is increasingly caught the eye of articles from section motor trade on Yap. The latter was an article about the brand, and now this. I hope everyone will be as interesting to me.

Andrey Reut: World conspiracy

I do not have the phone rang. Who is guilty? He. Specialist parameterization - the latest trends in science, which is programmed aging items. It is because of his break our machines, cameras and coffee grinders.

Mobile phones have become the most vivid and massive destruction of the product of these geniuses. It would seem, well, that may be easier said than done in a rugged machine that does not scratch? Materials for this long invented. But no. More or less strong were only the first mobile phones. The farther away - the sooner the paint peeling off from them and scratch the glass. And phones lose their marketability strictly after the warranty period. That is one year.

Suppose caught thrifty bore, who held the phone in a soft leather case, I blew him a speck of dust, and very quietly said into the microphone. Do you think that will help? Nothing like this. After a year and a half, the phone starts to lose not only the appearance, but also a "fail." That is, in his software or hardware incorporated self-destruction program.

That's true, each of us can easily make their own experience. When a year and a half ago, I bought an expensive new smartphone HTC Black Stone, it seemed that this would be the perfection of me for a long time. Beautiful, comfortable, with lots of memory and other attributes of perfection. But exactly one year and one month, he broke down. Ceases to respond to pressing. I panicked. The phone - a lot of programs, including rare and expensive. For a year he rooted for me and took root in the brain. It washed over the feeling of helplessness and loneliness. However, a few minutes of searching the Internet and found out that I was not alone. Hundreds of owners of such vehicles are faced with the same problem. Some choose it. Kulibins a few thousand breathed new life into my numb body part. Oh, joy! Just a couple of months, and the screen is blurred rainbow blur. It was "buggy" software. And then I arrived, new, more intelligent and more expensive ... In general, prepare a new one thousand dollars.

The task of the creators of such "works" is not only to break the screen or press corps. Breaking be everything. To even lean user will not have a chance to "hold" the money for the new device. To repair here rarely make a bet, because the mobile often not repaired, and throw. Unlike, say, the car with which a completely different story.

Twenty years ago, has not yet been spoiled parameterization automakers made machines for many years. Audi and BMW twenty years and now often go like new. Source of engines approaching one million kilometers. Ten years ago, the producers realized their mistake and began to make the metal is thinner, weaker parts and oil thinner. In general, strictly after the warranty period the machine begins to "crumble". After that the manufacturer makes a spare parts almost more than the sale of the machine itself. But that's not all. More recently, car manufacturers have found another niche for drawing money from the buyers. There are some parts that are not subject to the guarantee and change as deterioration, even if the car is new. So they began to "crumble" is much faster - regardless of the warranty period. Take, for example, the brake pads. They always had to be replaced frequently. But, say, the latest "know-how" from Ford: make brake discs out of a soft metal, which they wear with shoes. For those who do not know - usually drives "walk" not less than 150 thousand kilometers, and the new Ford Mondeo - about 40 thousand. Their replacement is so expensive that the ordinary maintenance of a new serviceable car translates to more than forty thousand. A virtuoso performance. The Japanese, by the way, this is still not smart enough.

There is evidence that the world has long been invented a tire that will not be erased, and tights that are not torn. The last - certainly not a myth, they did some time issued. While manufacturers are not good cutting them destroyed.

Tights, razors, juicer, even potted flowers - all of this is going through a little-known experts and not very honorable profession. She even has no name. There are only terms like "planned aging" and "parameterization". The latter term means the principle of simulation in a mathematical explanation of the matrix, which is considered the life of all the components, their cost, marketing priorities etc. Components reduces the cost to the limit, but that they have not broken before his time. That is, the warranty period. Then it calculates how lousy those same parts will interact, not just to scare buyer. This is a complex art that manufacturers pay well and kept secret. This parameterization - a kind of "taboo", which is not to say. In advertising, we hear only that the product "new", "best", and so on. P., Though in practice it is usually nothing but design does not differ from the old, and lasts less.

However, there are still products that are made "normal" and serve for many years. But it is not the goods for the people and for the industry. Turbines, machine tools, presses ...

Planes can fly continuously 20 years, and the wear is minimal. Engines ships operate for decades, while the share of automobile already reached 150 thousand kilometers, ie to five years of active service. Drill professional will work for a long time, and home break through year. Why, in America they have built the house so that they crumbled immediately after repayment of a mortgage loan.

What to do with all this? It's a worldwide fraud, which forces us to constantly pay money for anything. But there is nothing. Moreover, in this ugliness secret of our relatively prosperous life. The unprecedented consumer boom of recent decades throughout the world linked precisely to the fact that marketers have made people all the time to buy something. Even unnecessary. And then to help them come engineers, thanks to which we have just can not buy. Because everything breaks down. And the more we buy - the more the GDP, the higher the profit, ultimately, our own revenues. Another quirk of globalization.




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