So run, or not?

Almost half of Russians believe in the secret world government! More specifically, 45 percent. It details the fresh poll Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM).
It is interesting that the degree of belief in a secret all-powerful body grows with the level of education of the respondents citizens.

However, opinions on the composition of the "government" in Russia differ. Some believe that they rule the planet oligarchs, others sin against Americans, and others - on the Freemasons, Jews, "some of the world's politicians," no specific Obama, George W. Bush and Britain's Queen Elizabeth II. Confusion in the response is clear - the government after a secret! He does not believe in him a third of respondents Russians, a quarter - were undecided.

 - These 45 per cent of our citizens is essentially right, but wrong on the form. Such forms as the "secret world", no, - says historian Andrei Fursov many years studying the world's elite. - And here is closed supranational structures of global coordination and management - a reality. These structures often dictate their will on governments, parliaments, individuals. But they may in no case constitute a single body the top of the world.

 - What is the tip of the world? - I ask hopefully historian. And suddenly it is the very conspiratorial government of the planet. So you do not want to part with a beautiful version of the conspiracy, in which almost half believe compatriots!

 - The global elite - a set of kings families (not all of course) of the old European aristocracy, bankers and industrialists. They linked business, and related occult connections are organized in closed boxes, clubs, commissions, etc.

 - Britain's Queen comes back?

 - Of course. As the royal family of the Netherlands, a number of princely and ducal families in Italy, Germany and Austria. This is not a decorative figure, relics of the Middle Ages, with which they are often portrayed, and one of the segments that the British prime minister B. Disraeli called "masters of history", and our wonderful writer O. Markeev - "masters of the world game».

 - And Obama?

 - Yes, God forbid! Well, if Clinton said that the only thing that is suitable Obama is bringing him coffee in bed, and his wife, then with respect to the top of the world, Barack - something on the removal of a chamber pot. What is the presidents and prime ministers in the West? Senior clerk who hired the top of the world to serve its interests and put in a high chair. And, as a rule, for the clerks looked after spetsnaznachentsy world elite. How, for example, Colonel House, US President Wilson and the "assistant" British Prime Minister Lloyd George, Lord Lothian. In reality, this president and prime minister held with his "assistant." A rare exception - Bush Sr. and his son-ignoramus as US president. Bushes are part of the top of the world - they are distant relatives of the British Queen, led by the company "Skull and Bones" (a branch of the Illuminati) Jelle. But, again, this is an exception. As a rule, presidents and prime ministers - came from the middle class, which looks down on the tip, especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries. Recall the story when Thatcher sounded the name of the fifth member of the Cambridge Five (senior British - Soviet agents. - Ed.) - Blunt, who, apparently, was the illegitimate son of George V, ie, uncle of Queen. Windsors Thatcher did not forgiven. Burghers (as described it then living in Moscow, another representative of the "gentlemen class") had to eventually resign - including because of the collision with the owners.

 - And Bill Gates, one of the leaders forbsovskogo ranking of billionaires planet - it enters the top of the world?

 - Well, of course not, like all other members of the "Young Money", including the Russian-speaking oligarchs. For all of them at the top of the world one phrase at Moidodyr: "A Go-ka you home and wash his face».
 - But why so stable myth about a world government?
 - This myth arose not from scratch. The need to create a world government in the late XVIII century, said the Swiss and Jewish bankers, Illuminati. In the twentieth century, of this as a particular problem stated are representatives of the world elite, like Warburg, Rockefeller ideologue mondialism Jacques Attali and others. Although the government has not created the world, the tip of the progress in this direction.

 - And get?

 - I think no. The world is too big and complex to manage it from a single center. This is the first. Second, the global elite is not united. Clans are competing with each other in the post-capitalist world and place for all is not enough. However, the uppermost two or three dozen families agree. However, it is not enough to create a world government. It should be something else. For example, to reduce the world's population from the current 7 to 2 billion; devastate a large part of the world wars, epidemics and hunger; chipizirovat majority of the population; standardized, national level of culture; destroy the existing system of education and all types of identity - national, familial, racial, sexual, human-species (the latter are engaged transhumanists). In the West, the destruction of identities is in full swing. But there are Russia, China, India, the world of Islam, Latin America, where all these "kunshtyukov" will not go where civilization (self) murder in the spirit of the modern West, flying the US-led into the abyss of history, it is impossible. In this regard it should be noted that in the current confrontation between Russia and the US / supranational Ukraine, among other things, lies the conflict of two projects of the future, the two world orders: the human and anti-human. After all, the Russian Federation's nuclear power still ensures a certain balance in the world balance, is a military shield BRICS. But this is a separate issue.

 - And what about the "golden billion»?

 - To a large extent, this "thing" - like the hearth, painted on canvas in the fairy tale about Pinocchio. 30-40 years ago it was assumed that residents of the North (the United States, Western Europe), the number of not more than one billion will lock in the fortress "North" (on both sides of the North Atlantic) and there will be to steer the world. However, the neo-liberal counter-revolution 1980-2000-ies, with its pursuit of maximum profit buried the project "golden billion" in its original version. Dollar muddied mind and the North in order to exploit cheap labor launched the mass of immigrants from the South: Latinos in the US, Africans, Arabs, Turks in Western Europe. Now the South is firmly established in the north, where there was an island, fraught with terrible explosion contradiction. On the one hand - aging, non-poor, declining and dehristianiziruyuscheesya population, much of which is mired in the evils and perversions (drug addiction, homosexuality). On the other - the young, the poor, embittered social-oriented Muslim family values ​​(in North America - Latino Catholics) populations. Sooner or later, between the two "blocks" will stand the Leninist question "Who - who" start "big hunt". And then instead of the "golden billion" will "golden millions" who try to live in inaccessible or floating cities, or in mountain strongholds, or somewhere else. "Golden billion" as a strategy of world tops - the past.

 - Some conspiracy theorists all events in the world, up to the civil war in Ukraine, reduced to a confrontation between the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. Who among them will win, he will rule the world!

 - Indeed, in recent years actively embraced this line of confrontation, "The Rothschilds - the Rockefellers." Such a confrontation does exist. It played a big role in the twentieth century, having a red thread through his most important events, including world wars, where the gain was on the side of the Rockefellers. I wonder what started the confrontation in the Russian Empire - in the Baku oil fields. There Rockefellers "sponsored" a strike of workers in the "zone", which belonged to the Rothschilds. A group of Bolsheviks organized strikes purple, which plays an active role Koba - Stalin. Russian Empire with its Baku oil, or rather, the Western owners of "black gold", was the main competitor of the Rockefeller "Standard Oil" in the early twentieth century. As a result of the revolution of 1917, "Standard Oil" (or rather, a cluster of companies to which it formally broke in the United States) became the absolute leader. Rothschild immediately "went" in the USSR only after Stalin's death, though with associated companies (for example, "De Beers" Oppenheimer) of the USSR is constantly in contact. Rockefeller, especially in the first half of the 1930s, the Stalinist Soviet Union worked very actively, but after the death of John. Rockefeller in 1937 the intensity decreased. Seriously second coming Rockefeller (and with them the Warburg) in the Soviet Union took place in 1973, almost coinciding with the election Y. Andropov Politburo member.

 - Very interesting! Well, this stage of the struggle of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers?

 - There is more complicated. Firstly, there is cooperation but to fight: both clans are represented in almost all any serious backroom structures, but on the world currency contradictions, at least for now, are essentially irreconcilable. Secondly, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers of the world marketplace is not limited to the top - there is the City of London, the Vatican, Arab and East Asian "home." I'm not talking about symbioses clans, big states and transnational companies, which dramatically complicates the picture. Finally, thirdly, something tells me that as a "right" and "left" have manipulated the same individuals and groups, it can also be a pair of "The Rothschilds - Rockefeller" on the principle of "struggle Nanai boy with a bear ».
 - Maybe someone who is richer them?
 - This or these "someone" does not necessarily richer. Money - just a function of power, which is based on one or another system of ideas - the secular, and often occult. Information and energy are more important than substance, and metaphysics - physics. Sapienti sat.

 - Many believe that the world is ruled by the Masons. This de they killed Peter III, made the October Revolution and the collapse of the USSR, that they rule the world.

 - Well, Freemasonry really played a big role, especially in the XVIII - XIX centuries. "Freemasons" brought up the human material, which has played a leading role in the era of revolutions 1789-1848 biennium. in the West and came to power. However, the nationalization of Freemasonry has created a number of problems. Since the end of the XIX century required new forms of private supranational structures, more adequate new era of world struggle for power, information and resources. This is a "group" (or a society "we"), which was created and developed by C. Rhodes A. Milner and other structures. Masonry has not been canceled, it continued to play a sometimes significant role, but ceased to be the sole and dominant form konspirostruktur. Thus, in the Russian Revolution, the Masons lodge "Great East of France" acted very actively (by Kerensky), but there were other forces associated with the British intelligence service, the Rockefellers, the Americans, the German General Staff and, of course, counterintelligence Russia, put on imperially oriented Bolsheviks . The resultant of these forces - the October Revolution.

After World War II there was a need for a new "generation" of closed organizational structures, and they were: the Fourth Reich Bormann, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission ... Many of their members were Freemasons, Illuminati, bnaybritovtsami et al., But the structures were once essentially New, "sharpened" the new tasks.

 - Well, a worldwide Jewish conspiracy, which does not believe so few people?

 - At the heart of the legend "world Jewish conspiracy" (a large contribution to its development made by the Scottish Rite freemasons) is the fact that from the middle of the XIX century the Jews were very active in the financial sector, the media, science, largely occupied in these areas leads position. Moreover, it was the Jewish capital is tied at the turn of XIX - XX centuries Britain and the US that have hundreds of years of enmity. World Jewish Diaspora - really serious power, but not the only one.
All the major powers have their own long-term plans. Some call it a conspiracy, I prefer the term "project". The world history - it is a battle of projects, their resultant.
Unfortunately, Russia, except for the Stalin period, it was not their project.

 - A well-known Comintern?

 - The Comintern, which supposedly disbanded in 1943 (in 1936, Stalin led to this case and to establish control over the assets of the organization levoglobalistskoy) - not Russian project. Generally it must be said that the "project of the USSR" from the beginning it was built a lot of foreign elements, to realize the interests of different powers and structures (especially private). As history has shown, Stalin managed only for the time to pin down this artificiality, but after his death it has gradually regenerated. Coupled with the interests of the reborn Soviet nomenklatura, this factor played a major role in the elimination of the draft, but rather the totality of projects (and not become a system) of the USSR.

 - What can you say about the reptilians, Andrei Ilyich? This topic is very popular now in America. Although Russia has already walking. Two serious doctors of sciences assured me with a straight face, that the power of the planet captured aliens from the planet Nibiru or the fight that took human form. All Western presidents - reptilians. But they can be identified by a characteristic distinguishing marks. The web is full of clips of Reptilians in the White House, etc.

 - I love science fiction, fantasy. But the version running American Ike, I do not want to comment. I think similar versions spread deliberately to distract attention from the real secret of management structures. And the search for compromise themselves hidden mechanisms of the historical process in general, including ancient history, and the riddle of the origin of man.

 - Then let's talk about the very real structures, such as the Bilderberg Club. Many names it is called the secret government of the Earth. Once a year, high-ranking members of the Bilderberg-going in the hotels of the Rockefellers or the Rothschilds, behind closed doors to discuss urgent problems of humanity, make their decisions.

 - Real power - it is a secret power. A Bilderberg in sight, they even appeared site. "Bilderberg" - Exterior organization of the world elite. The club was established in 1954 to reconcile the old European elite as one that supported Hitler ("line Ghibellines"), and the one that fought against him ("Guelph Line") to the Anglo-Saxons and integrate it into their project in general and "evrosoyuzovsky" in particular. Today 'Bilderberg' run in the issues that really put in a closed, often informally.

 - In December, we are waiting for the sad anniversary. 25th anniversary of the "historical" meeting between Bush and Gorbachev in Malta. Formally, it marked the end of the "cold war." In fact, Gorby and his team shamefully surrendered there to the West of the USSR and the entire socialist camp. Soon it accomplished the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the twentieth century - the Soviet Union collapsed. Place betrayal was selected that is not accidental: the island - the patrimony of the powerful Order of Malta. In the vague suspicions and suggest two major bestseller beginning 1 century, explicitly promoted globally by some very powerful forces. "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown tells us about the Knights Templar and "Opus Dei." The saga of JK Rowling Harry Potter openly advertises Hospitaller Order. There is a strong opinion that the order is based many centuries ago, and sent secretly course of world development.

 - Do not aim - just try. Moreover, as in conflict with each other, and in the Anglo-Saxon combat. The name of the new pope Jesuit "Francis" - a kind of pacifying gesture symbol of old enemies, the Jesuits and Franciscans in the face of pressure from the Anglo-Saxons. Ally these two orders acts Order of Malta, whose long-standing specialization - mediation between the Vatican and MI6, the CIA. Order of Malta - an element of the "Vatican". Yes, the Soviet Union and the socialist camp surrender to the Americans and supranational in the face of Bush senior took place in Malta, but something Gorbachev flew to Malta with a meeting with Pope John Paul II, blessed the "hump" in the socialist system, and the surrender of the country. The hierarchy is available.

Trying to convince people that kind of separate structure - Bilderberg, Maltese, masons, etc. rotshildorokfellery alone they rule the world, it takes away from the real mechanisms of global governance, of the whole network, replacing its private cells. Another method - hide entire structure (corporations, banks) to specific persons or parties. Thus, National Socialism served us as an act of the Nazi Party and Hitler and K °. In fact, the creators of National Socialism and of the "Third Reich" were primarily Anglo-American bankers and industrialists, corporations such as IG


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