10 official vehicles, which travel the world leaders

Price: from € 160,500 (serial version Audi A8L W12); cost armored versions - on request

The most powerful woman of the world, German Chancellor is known for his preference for saving policy in matters of state as well as in private life. Angela Merkel lives in an apartment building and is not shy to appear in the same evening dresses several times. As for the company car, it moves not on a specially created for her limousine and sedan on the German company Audi. It is known that the armored version of the Audi A8L is able to keep high-level passenger by shots from a firearm and a grenade underneath. In addition, thanks to the 6-liter engine produces 450 hp machine can escape from almost any pursuit. As for the interior fittings official Audi A8 Chancellor, it is quite standard for luxury cars and consists of a mobile office and a mini-bar with refrigerator.

Francois Hollande - Citroen DS5

Price: from € 40,200 (serial hybrid version)

Unlike his predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy, to give preference to cars Renault, as the current president of France, Francois Hollande as a company car picked Citroen DS5. That it May 15, he came to the Elysee Palace for his inauguration. Until Hollande went on the Citroen DS Charles de Gaulle and even suffered in this car 1962 assassination attempt. The new head of state refused limousine in favor of a hatchback with a hybrid setup than demonstrated concern for the environment. In addition, for the Citroen DS5 Hollande, custom made, was selected body type landau Top opening. It is worth noting that at the turn of the company car automotive metamorphosis first person in France is not finished: Francois Hollande reduced to two the number of its drivers, and told them to follow the rules of the road and stop at a red light.

Giorgio Napolitano - Lancia Thema

Price: from € 39,900 (standard version)

Italian automotive industry is going through difficult times: sales of cars are falling, the Italians refuse to four-wheel vehicles in favor of two-wheeled. However, the country's president, Giorgio Napolitano, has not yet moved to a bicycle and remained true to the Italian car industry. As the official vehicle he uses dark blue Lancia Thema, which was presented in Geneva in 2011 and is the counterpart of the Chrysler 300C. Italian presidents prefer cars Lancia brand for several decades. At the inauguration of the president came to the Lancia Flaminia, and the services of President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi was a luxury limousine Lancia Thesis. However, in 2004, moved to Ciampi on his armored Maserati Quattroporte, which moved to the end of their term of office.

Dilma Rousseff - Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith 1952 issue

Price: collectible model

Dilma Rousseff in the garage, the first woman president of Brazil, there are two official vehicles. For important official visits used luxury Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith Top opening - the first model released by the British automaker after World War II. It is the rarity Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith 1952 Dilma Rousseff release arrived at his inauguration in 2011. As a vehicle for everyday journeys President of Brazil uses armored Ford Fusion Hybrid. Sedan positioned American manufacturer as a family car, but in the case of Dilma Rousseff she became the presidential car. Strange at first glance, the choice of the vehicle has a logical explanation: quite modest for the head of state car (the production version of Ford Fusion Hybrid is $ 27,995) does not cause irritation in low-income Brazilians.


Xi Jinping - FAW Hong Qi HQE



Price: according to various estimates, from $ 600,000 to $ 1, 2 million (the exact cost is not disclosed)

To increase demand for domestically produced cars, the Chinese government in February 2012 banned the local officials to go on foreign cars, the price of which exceeds $ 28 500. However, the leaders of the CPC and without this long travel by car, manufactured by Chinese factories. Current head of state Xi Jinping, like his predecessor, Hu Jintao, as the official vehicle uses limousine FAW Hong Qi HQE. The debut of the car took place in October 2009 at the celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PRC. Design armored limousine was inspired by traditional Chinese motifs: for example, the radiator grille reminiscent of his old fan. As for the specifications, the official car under the hood of Chinese President placed a gasoline engine with 400 hp


David Cameron - Jaguar XJ Sentinel



Price: from $ 110 000 (basic version), the cost of an armored version - on request

For the past several decades, the prime ministers of Britain as a service used car brand Jaguar. It all began with Margaret Thatcher, who moved to the car with the emblem of frozen jaguar jumping with her less like "Rover". In the garage of the current head of the cabinet of David Cameron stands Jaguar XJ Sentinel dark blue. It is worth noting that the official cars of black and refused predecessors Cameron. So, Tony Blair went on a silver "Jaguar", and Gordon Brown - by car green. Externally premier Jaguar almost indistinguishable from the production models, but actually has a hidden armor. By the way, another, however, have personal vehicle Cameron drew attention in early November, "baby» Fiat 500L 1971 issue was sold at auction Silverstone Auctions for $ 29 400.


Pope Benedict XVI - Renault Kangoo Maxi ZE



Price: € 15 600 (basic version), the price of "popemobile" was not disclosed

The Pope, the head of the Catholic Church and the Vatican, as official vehicles used car, which was called "popemobile". Recently in the garage Benedict XVI appeared novelty - electric Renault Kangoo Maxi ZE white color that representatives of the French automaker presented the pontiff in September 2012 (it is noteworthy that at the same exact same car received Vatican police). New electric "popemobile" is driven by means of motor 60 hp Renault Kangoo batteries enough to drive without recharging 170 kilometers - more than enough to cover the distance between the Vatican and the Pope's summer residence in Castel Gandolfo. Electric rear doors do not move, as in the classical model Kangoo, and open back, and landed in the car easier retractable stand etc.


Yoshihiko Noda - Toyota Century



Price: going to order, price on request

Japan is one of the leading countries of car manufacturers in the world, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that the Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihiko Noda prefers domestic cars. In his garage there are two official vehicles. First - Toyota Century - for the past several decades is the main vehicle of senior management in Japan and the imperial family. Issue Toyota Century began in 1967 and was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the company's founder Sakichi Toyoda. Executive class sedan was collected and assembled by hand, but its design has not changed for more than 40 years. Another company car in the garage Yoshihiko Noda - hybrid Lexus LS 600h L (price of a standard version - from € 153 600) selected the prime minister as an opportunity to demonstrate the achievements of the Japanese car industry and care for the environment.


Barack Obama - Cadillac One



Price: according to various estimates, from $ 300,000 to $ 1 million

Most American presidents did not go on the machines of mass production. The first specially created for the head of the US car was Ford Lincoln 413B. Car, which was the first in America was equipped with a radio telephone, Ford handed over to the Government for $ 500 per year. The current US President Barack Obama as the official vehicle uses luxury limousine Cadillac One, which is called "Oval Office on wheels." Many technical characteristics of the machine are not disclosed for security reasons, but it is known that Cadillac One has reinforced armor capable of withstanding an explosion grenades, and is equipped with a special device for raising an impenetrable smokescreen, and the cabin has all the necessary means of communication and even blood supplies. < br />

Vladimir Putin - Mercedes Pullman



Price: about $ 1 million

In the spring of 2012, Vladimir Putin offered to transplant Russian officials on cars produced domestically. To show them an example, the president himself soon going to change on already assembled and tested with ZIL limousine, and while the car is moving at a German production. Since the mid-90s, Russian presidents traveled exclusively in armored Mercedes Pullman, and Vladimir Putin is no exception. His official Mercedes Pullman S600 Guard has a length of 6 m, it protects against booking of small arms and grenades, it is equipped with fire-extinguishing systems and protection against gas attack, and equipped with the latest technology salon is a comfortable office on wheels.



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