First beauty contest in the USSR

The Soviet Union has always been considered a Puritan country, but with the advent of Gorbachev, the situation has changed - the "iron curtain" had fallen. With its fall brought a flood of information about the lives of people abroad, and then began a period of imitation, and it came to show business. In particular, a real sensation for the world community was the holding of the first in the USSR beauty contest "Moscow Beauty" - an event abroad compared with Gagarin's flight into space.
1988. They were the first

In fact, they were the second. This is the second year in the history of beauty pageants. In the spring of 1988. ended the first cycle of competitions and chose the first mission of the USSR. And the one that did not pass these regional selections ... scoop! And the crowd of girls rushed to conquer the world.
The restructuring allowed each ordinary man, every beautiful woman or one that feels beautiful, come and show yourself. Selections were held in the administration of the Park of Culture named after Gorky. Turn, which appeared from the underground "Park Kultury" to this administration, it has been there for a couple of kilometers, exactly, just a few hours of the morning, she literally just as Lenin's Mausoleum, it has acquired not only a pretty young woman, and young mothers with children with their husbands, with some string bags. & quot; (Organizer of the USSR's first beauty contest "Moscow beauty-88" Marina Parusnikova)

Standing for a few hours in the queue, the girl who came to the "Miss Moscow 88" filled in the questionnaires.

1989. January. Crimea. Preparations for the third round of the competition "Moscow Beauty - 89" for the second year, began to spend as beauty contests. All first time. The girls from the suburbs could turn standing for and passed to reach the final selection.

1988. Start a beauty contest. The first bride. Then there will be a second round and the third, and the crowning of the winner.

"No one fully understand what they need to do, but the fact that there were several members of the committee have, it was the Party Secretary, representatives of the cultural community, among them Leonid Yakubovich, then anyone yet neizvestnyy.vot when they came, the main was not to show our surprise at the appearance of one or another girl or woman. But they were all really crowded dignity and pride that they only Leonid Yakubovich prishli.I, he was sad all the time, he had a notebook, he does not like to remember about it, but it's true. He then said - I'm sorry, please, if it was a nice a girl, raise your skirt. She raised her skirt so modest, showed kolenochki, he smiled and said - oh, you are so beautiful, relax - they began to smile and immediately in general any real picture of the living man. "(Marina Parusnikova)

1988. The first round of "Moscow 89 beauties." Moscow, ENEA.

1988. The second round of the first contest "Miss USSR". Participants are ready for battle.


1989. Crimea. Girls are preparing for the third round of the beauty contest "Moscow Beauty 89».

"In signing the contract turned out that among the six finalists were such, to put it mildly, the opening that did not fit into the framework of the competition. For example, there was a girl, by the way, there are no claims against it were not, - Lena Durneva. Helen was a lovely girl, very pretty, good, fair reached the final, nothing anywhere attributed Muscovite. And then we thought - as may be the first Moscow beauty with the name Durneva. "(Marina Parusnikova)

Princess taught to walk.

Serious preparation before the third round. Victoria does not know what else can be changed in their figure?

1989. The third round of the competition. Output in national costumes.

1989. The third round of the beauty contest "Moscow Beauty 89". Penultimate "exit", the last "dropouts" - who will remain at the last exit, they will receive prizes and a "place-title." Oh, how hard to contain emotions !!!

So different, and all under the number 4. The photo was taken in 1989 on the first domestic beauty contest. Apparently, the three rounds of the fourth number has dropped to different girls.

The contest lasted three days - from 10 to 12 June, the chairman of the jury was the famous singer, USSR People's Artist Muslim Magomayev. The finale was held at the Luzhniki Sports Palace on the stage, by a vote winner was chosen - it became Masha Kalinina.

Since the event was the first in the country, the organizers initially could not decide the rules. "For example, we could not decide - whether only Muscovites are eligible to participate, - says a member of the organizing committee, journalist Marina Parusnikova - consultation, we decided - to participate in the competition can practically everyone, including married women and non-resident. Therefore, the title "Miss Moscow" was rejected, after which the organizing committee has approved a more general - "Moscow beauty».

From the memoirs of Kalinina:

In the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" wrote that will be a beauty contest with good prizes. And this picture was - the girl in the crown. And then more coats were very fashionable, We have a lot was at the time of competitions, such as "Come on, girls!", But, of course, in it I could not take part because little was I 16 let.Shubu in the end did not get. It was kollektsiya.My with labels and walked the catwalk ... Labels were on chains on zheleznyh.Tak that instantly as soon as we came out from the podium at the Luzhniki Stadium, just with two people we filmed these coats and carried away. They gave me a TV "Temp", yet the crown, large vase crystal, it flowers sprinkled on top, opened the door and flowers, carnations, with stems large poured directly into the vase and on the head. The heavy vase was, it was necessary to keep her crown fell into a vase of carnations also fell into this bowl ...

Masha Kalinina photos circled the entire planet, it took presidents and ministers, wealthy suitors from around the world offered her hand and heart. Sponsor of the competition was the concern "Burdamoden", which after the event Kalinina offered a job as a model.

Later she moved to the United States and enrolled in acting school in Hollywood. Masha many shot, but facing roles were few, so it can not be called film career uspeshnoy.Seychas Masha Kalinina (Maria Kalin) lives in Los Angeles, she has been teaching Kundalini Yoga in his own studio.


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