The woman and the way

It would seem that the time has already passed imposing place for women only at home and only under the care of her husband, but occasionally, I still meet dogmatic articles and lectures that women's purpose is only to give birth to children and serve the husband.

Do not think that I am against. I am also married, I have children and I plan to have a few more. This is really important for a woman - to find hearth and family. This is a fundamental value.

But it is not only in the lives of women, especially those who live in this age.

Preaching that the woman finds happiness only in the family is able to destroy the nature of some of the women, breaking them and destroy their psyche.

What do I say?

I'm talking about dynamic women with a strong Mars / Sun / Jupiter / Rahu / Ketu in the horoscope. These women initially endowed with greater energy than at creating and maintaining a family. The vast number of modern women have a social purpose, has its own special way of life and their problems in life.

Not so simple, the lives of all women do not fit into a template - to become a priestess of home

. I am afraid that having read and heard plenty of "right" thinking about what a woman should not work and should be in the family - many women throw their business and sit at home. Alas, not everyone out there is waiting for happiness!

Firstly, «sit" at home and save tremulous relationship with her husband, staying personality - very difficult to In words, everything cool: wait for her husband to direct the magic house, raise children, and in fact many women are degraded. home, cease to develop many parts of his personality do not develop the energy goes into the life, no longer pay attention to the mystical side of his nature.

Typically, a woman who stayed at home for a long time - over time transformed into a set of two incarnations of the Queen and Mistress. Hostess fully manifested at home, and when she and her husband are selected in the light, it is - the Queen.

Be my wife "at home" - it is a great art, is not subservient to each woman While tightening household needs, cooking, cleaning, children -. after all still have to remember that you woman, you're a beautiful, divine, mystical, special ...

Usually in the end of the "working" days at home all these ideas about their own beauty and divinity seem at least ridiculous nonsense. Sorry for the prose of life.

Yes, if the woman is calm by nature, then left the house, it improves the family, nurtures it, creates an atmosphere. And calm to women with a good moon in the horoscope is very favorable to be a priestess of the hearth, they only bloom on it.

What if the woman is active? If she has a lot of energy? If she Leadership dynamic astrological chart?

What to do? Repress yourself for the "great" ideas?

< Have you ever thought that you came into this world with a certain set of qualities for a reason?

In this world there is a place different female roles. Think about it

Martian woman -. Are warriors by nature, they are not accustomed to sit, they need the struggle, they need the obstacles and difficulties, they love to do and create These are the women. who enjoy tinkering with my hands, sacrificed and spikes, not because they want to prove something to the men, but because they rush to do something.

I have a friend - she was very feminine and beautiful, she has a husband and she likes men in principle, but this fragile beautiful woman with her Mars itself is laid laminate flooring at home, a small tile in the bathroom, pokleit all wallpaper and covered the window sills mosaic!

She told me that during the creation of the apartment she honestly enjoyed. She herself is an instructor in women's fitness and likes to give himself a good load. But their femininity - it is very harmonious!

Solar woman - it is always the leaders They create around themselves a society, lead the way, organize the space.. Sunny all the more difficult for women to fit into the female society, because they are very intelligent and dynamic. If a woman does not realize itself in any - or social activity - it just starts to build all households, educate them, to try to lead and push


But in the family - it only destroys. Such women are very important to create around himself a community to take responsibility, to lead. I worked in his youth with a woman who had a very strong Sun in the horoscope. She was the first in our city established a regional beauty contest. She always gathers a bunch of talented people, led the school beauty, organize events, create fashion and style of the city, for many people, it was an example and mentor! And when it works - it was calm and satisfied. When she did not have the project - it was driving everyone crazy, and will soon come up with something new and brilliant!

Jupiter's women - quieter than a woman with a strong Mars and the Sun, but it is born mentors and teachers They need to impart knowledge and experience.. And if these women with no one to share their implementations do not transmit knowledge, do not write books and stories, they begin to teach her husband, mother-in-law, telling everyone about the importance

deep personal transformation Women with strong Ketu - a healer, astrologer, mystic, witch they realize it or not, these women always see the root causes of what is happening with the people, they recognize the lessons of life, they are able to feel the people they dream of prophetic dreams have. they have a vision or a strong tactile sensitivity. One of my client with the strong Ketu - a doctor, she says without any instruments which body feels pain in humans, how to treat it, and why he got sick.

I can tell a lot about the various women's facial features, because not all of us are from Venus. And maintaining their individuality - we discover their fate. For more information about the astrological Valais women and men I will tell in the July astrological webinar.

It must be remembered that not every man needs a mistress. Some relationships are built on the principle of partnership, the other on the principle of joint service, third on the principle of spiritual kinship. There is no universal scheme for all women.

Imagine what the world would be lost if women like Mother Teresa, Shri Mataji, Indira Gandhi, Princess Diana, and many others would have given up their social role.

All in the so simple, is not so simple.

Even in Vedic times women had purpose. Every woman has a unique experience, which is then passed on to young girls. Someone passed on the art of cooking, someone was preparing the girls for wedding, others were experts in the Kama Sutra, someone taught spiritual family rituals, etc.

Queen has not only advanced knowledge of policy, they also know how to ride, and the art of combat, able to control the melee weapons and could go to war, if there was such a need. Queen - is just the same woman, which combine two powerful planets - Mars and the sun. However, they were wonderful and wise wives, loving mothers.

I am opposed to a woman working for the money - it really destroys it.

I am opposed to a woman was working when she does not want.

I am opposed to a woman working in the name of help to her husband.

But if a woman has a talent that eager to be realized - no need to suppress them!

If you have a childhood dream to help people and to treat them, and you still violently pulls to help someone, and you have got all of her friends and friends - go to learn from the astrologer / psychologist / healer / doctor / trainer / consultant.

If you are overlaid with stones and herbs, about your teas and broths, stones and miraculous potion know all close - to expand. Learn and share your knowledge.

If you have reached perfection, creating beautiful boxes, greeting cards, notebooks and articles - Create a group, share skills, sell their products multiply the beauty of the world.

I know a wonderful girl, she graduated with honors from the Ministry of Interior, has worked in the specialty, then got married and settled down at home with the child. While at home, she opened her vision of beauty, she began to create all sorts of crafts and incredibly beautiful things. Soon all of this already lomilas apartment and inspiration flow did not end.

And once she had the courage, and spent the money accumulated in the fur coat, to study with the famous florist in France. She came with a gleam in his eye. After some time, she opened her own shop, doing amazing bouquets, each time improving their skills. Now she is very well-known florist, she bought expensive decoration weddings and celebrations. She does what he likes and thus receives a very good money!

This can happen to any woman who refuses to dogmatic thinking and allow himself to be such as it is.

If you like to be home from that, you feel stronger, beautiful, beautiful, filled, then this is your path, it is not necessary to tear somewhere in society.

But if your soul is hungry for something more, want to expand myself more than my family - do not be afraid of this, let your talents be realized

. First listen to your heart - there are all the answers. It will tell you what is yours, and what is not.

Opinions can be many: Vedic, feminist, neutral, so any at all. But the way each of us has our own, we take it

It is our choice - to enjoy life, charging the world of love, or to follow the opinion of other people

. We live in the heyday of the Golden Age, every year will appear more creeds, ideologies, religious and social groups, and not to fall into egregor any of them, and not simply be a reflection of their stereotyped ideals - you need to learn to listen to your heart!

I used to be very categorical thinking that life can only be so, and no more, but with each new client who with each new advice, with each new story - I realize that in this world there is room for everything, and each path can be happy.

Among my clients have a happy girl and they are all different: some are power, others give birth to 5 children, and others working with the subtle realms and heal the people at the level of the root causes, while others convey spiritual knowledge, and some perfectly mastered the art of creating life - priestess hearth, there are girls who turn their millions, but the house gently and kindly look into the eyes of his men.

The woman - a hologram of the universe at any given time it may be different and at the same time a sincere At work, she may exercise its Mars home -. a moon and Venus, with her friends - your Mercury, with his parents - respectful Saturn.

We can not and should not have to choose only one role, because one bottle female body mysteriously perepletetsya and a girl, and her mother, and a passionate lover, and detached recluse, and shaman, who communicates with the spirits, and the Soothsayer, the creative reality and priestess , honors God and life mentor sagacity and daring warrior, able to protect their children, and a crazy woman who destroys ignorance ... all of this in each of us. We - not only the mistress and mother, we - the reflection of all the facets of the world. Feel it in yourself.

Our main landmark - it is a feeling of harmony with oneself and with the world And if you feel it when nailed, then so be it -. it's your hobby, your implementation. When it will be difficult - gonna call a man, and yet be in a rush - do it yourself.

And if a woman has decided to stay home, but inside there is no feeling of contact with him - nothing good will come of it.

Many women say: "Sitting at home for a good relationship with the children more time with them can be done!", But this is an illusion. Children learn about the world is interesting, but not when it suits mother to child. Far better to take the children with them, give them to explore the world, rather than creating his mugs and toys. And a child who sees his mother realized - can be realized personality! We all want our children to have found their place in life, but first we need to find her.

In this article, I want to make one important point: "Everything in this world is ambiguous! There are no universal rules of happiness for all women at once. But each of us has a heart which is the key to happiness. We only need the courage to look at him! »

Author: Julia Sudakova


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