How to grow peaches from seeds

Most of us loves juicy fruit of the peach. They are associated with the South, rest. Way amazing plant to Europe from China through Persia. Hence the name. It is well settled in our lands.

Many novice gardeners dream of having on your site is a tree. The more that use it the fruit is undeniable. They are delicious not only fresh, but perfectly retain their quality preserved. The more home. And peach oil is very popular among people, cosmetic medicine.

If you are a happy owner of a suburban area, learn how to grow peaches from seeds. Furthermore, such cultivation presents no special difficulties.


What sort to choose?

Plant better trees, which have proved themselves in your region with a good harvest. Because different varieties have different characteristics. If you have a harsh climate, and the variety does not tolerate frost, such fruit is likely to die.

Check with local experienced growers, they know what is best accustomed. Really it will be great if you will share the fruit from his tree.

  • First, you can see what the plant you have grown.
  • Second, be sure the tree is grafted or own-rooted.

Give preference to the latter. Its performance is much higher. Vaccinated and may even prove fruitless. Of course, your tree is unlikely to inherit all the qualities of a donor. However, it is still better than store bought fruit.


How to prepare the fruit?

So from seeds to grow peach luxury, you need to carefully select the fruit itself. It needs to be juicy, ripe, ripe, healthy. If you just started to deteriorate, this is not good.

Sorry, just bought peaches can give an unwanted result. If you buy them on the market, it is necessary, that they were from their own garden.

  • A week soak them in a wet napkin.
  • Separate the pit from the fruit.
  • Thoroughly rinse it.
  • Inspect for complete defects, strokes insects.
  • Choose a few seeds in case one does not germinate.
  • For a week and soak them changing the water daily.
  • Before using dry.
  • Then to crack without damaging the kernel.

Actually, you can start planting.


Fit – manual Location, time, soil

Peach loves a lot of light. Therefore, choose the site is lit. So other trees do not shade it to grow away from them. The minimum distance between plants up to 5 meters.

The ideal planting time is autumn. Spring or summer planting will give weak shoots, which in winter can freeze. In winter, the bone in the ground will survive the exposure. The weakest will perish. In fact, there will be natural selection. But the shoots that sprout in the spring, will be viable.

To grow a quality product,soil pre-feed organic fertilizers. Carefully loosen, so it was quite soft. Deepen the nucleolus of a stone in the open ground. Depth – 5-10 cm. Longer. The distance between the planting material up to 10 inches. Additional irrigation or fertilizer is not necessary.


Home cultivation of peach in the pot

It turns out that you can grow a peach tree at home on the windowsill. Of the bone it is very difficult boards. There is a possibility of the complete absence of shoots.

Harvest fruit room appears much later. The quality of these fruits also far from the garden. Expect flowering will have 5 years.

The method of cultivation of peach in the pot is the same as in the open field.

  • Just before planting, soak the bone for 2 hours in a growth stimulator.
  • The soil should be constantly moist.
  • Pot cover with a plastic bag. Periodically remove it every day.

If you're lucky, the kernel needs to germinate.


Caring for a young tree

Bone let the roots. Then formed the stem. In the spring, it needs plenty of water every day.

Fertilize the tree with liquid manure. Spray insecticides against pests (Ridomil, Thiovit). Because the little seedlings are very susceptible to disease.

The fall of the peach from seeds will grow up to five feet. When its height will be from 70 centimeters, thereis a need to form a crown. Then you will have lateral branches. Cut them. Also removed sick, deformed, weak parts. Spring clean podmerzshie shoots.

Next spring when the peach plant to a permanent place, do spring pruning every year before flowering. The distance between branches to leave up to 20 inches. The most beautiful crown obtained in the form of a bowl.

When you choose a permanent place, in the fall dig a deep hole (at least 1 meter). This should be the most lit place, well protected from the wind.

  • A hole is pre-fertilized with organic and mineral fertilisers 1:1.
  • It is good to dig over.
  • After planting the seedling, compact the earth.
  • To make tree trunks circles.
  • To pour 2-3 buckets of water at room temperature.
  • Cover the wells with a layer of mulch or humus.

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Apple Pink pearl is the decoration of your garden


If you grow peaches from seeds, the fruit you get in 2-3 years. That is later than if you grow it from a sapling. But this plant is more hardy, healthy, less prone to pest attacks. And importantly, will give more abundant harvests.published




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