The most exotic fruit

Rambutan - fruit tropical tree of the family Sapindaceae. Fruit - small, the size of a hazelnut - grow in clusters of up to 30 pieces and are rounded "balls" with an elastic skin is yellow or red, covered with fleshy hairs 4-5 cm long. The flesh covering the bone (edible, but tastes like an acorn ) is a transparent white gelatinous mass, a pleasant sweet taste.

Indian fruit jackfruit, very similar to the breadfruit, grown in Thailand and other East Asian countries for centuries.
All components of jackfruit are edible. The flowers of fruit in the form of blanched added to the hot peppers and shrimp sauce. Young leaves can be added raw papaya salad from X. Use everything. The pulp jackfruit perfectly combines with ice cream and other fruits and sweets, especially pulp in coconut milk as a fruit salad. Of jackfruit can cook unusual toppings for cakes and even slice and bake fruit as vegetables.

Passion fruit is usually round or oval, depending on the variety of the fruit. Passion fruit is one of the juicy fruit. Unripe fruit is green and ripe fruit peel already happens magenta, yellow or brownish-orange in different varieties of passion fruit. The rind of the fruit has a smooth surface and is divided into three layers. The flesh is slightly bitter, but it has a great flavor. Inside each fruit is full of black seeds. Passion fruit grows well in cool-climate. Peak yield is October-November. (Fruit diameter is on average 4-7, 5 cm.)

In the 17th century Chinese immigrants brought to Thailand fragrant fruit lychee, which is grown in southern China for a long time. This fruit is very similar to the rambutan and longan grows in clusters on small evergreen trees, whose height does not exceed 10 meters and which have thick foliage Thailand grown about 20 varieties of litchi. Three of them are the most exported: hong huai, oval-shaped fruit covered with soft yellow-pink-red skin and has a sweet and slightly sour taste at the same time; kirn cheng, spherical fruit is bright red with small pits, very sweet taste; chakmphat, large spherical, very sweet fruit, bright red with small stones.


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