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Terms of supply beginner raw foodists. What is important to remember.

After continuous use only raw foods, the first sensations in the stomach area may not be very pleasant.
The stomach is filled, but there is the usual gravity. This is due to the fact that raw foods have begun the process of cleansing your body. Toxins out quickly, which is also unusual. Many beginning raw foodists are not ready.

A common mistake among beginners of all raw foodists - actively mix raw foods in the wrong proportions. Familiar satiety occurs only after mixing at a time of seeds, fruits, nuts and vegetables. But, in fact, begins slowing down the digestion process, the products are no longer to be digested, and putrefaction begin as a result of such satiety.

In this case, you eat daily as rawfoodist, but inside you are still occurring putrefaction, and as a result - deterioration of health, the increase in thrust to the traditional diet
. All advantages of a raw food diet can be felt, if you know certain rules of combination of raw foods, and apply the necessary consistency in their use.

Rule number 1:

To the products do not rot and does not wander inside us, and properly digested, never mix the sugar and fat. Under the sugar white pieces are meant not that many lay in tea and coffee, a natural sugar found in all fruits. Fats for raw foodists are different nuts, coconut and avocado.

Do not confuse these products:

 - Figs with nuts
 - Fruit with coconut
 - Dried fruit with avocado
 - Sweet fruit with avocado

The above combination of products cause fermentation processes in the body.

Rule number 2:

Different raw foods completely digested only by the action of specific enzymes. If you mix the wrong foods, then this action slows down the process of digestion and assimilation of food. The fact that the enzymes are capable of neutralizing each other.

It is better not to mix in the diet of starch and acid. Under the starch refers to potatoes, bananas and bread. Under the acid should be understood sour fruit: tomatoes, lemons, oranges, etc.

Do not combine the following products:

 - Oranges and bananas
 - Tomatoes and potatoes
 - Tomatoes and bread

Rule number 3:

It is proved that, with a combination of products identical in composition to deteriorate further proper digestion and assimilation of them.

Do not mix different types of fat. For example:. Eat salads based on a variety of nuts with the addition of avocado and walnuts dressed with vegetable oil
Fats - hard to stomach the food. Blending in different proportions of fat - a major blow to the digestive system, raw foodists

. Do not mix:

 - Coconut and avocado
 - Avocados and nuts
 - Nuts and vegetable oil
 - Coconut and nuts

Ideally, every product is eaten separately. But, in the early stages of the raw food diet is hard to do. As for the dried fruit, then it is better not to mix with fruit and eat separately.
The best combination of greens and fruits observed in a cocktail of herbs. Green smoothies - the best food raw foodists, especially in the early stages of transition to raw food

. There have some raw foodists and the principle of consistency in the use of food:

From liquid to solid food products

For example, first used succulent foods (fruit juices, melons, pears) and less juicy products (vegetables). Then there are dense (avocado) and very solid products - seeds and nuts
. Keep in mind that it is better first to include sour fruit on the menu. Partly to change the allowed vegetables and nuts as well as vegetables do not cause the fermentation process. Following the above principles the use of products sequence, possibly even eat those foods during the day, which are incompatible. The main thing that they were in the stomach layers and in a certain sequence.

Wrong sequence:

 - Nuts, fruits then
 - Nuts, then starch
 - Starch, then
fruit  - Starch, then sour fruit
 - Bananas, then sour fruit
 - Dried fruit, then the fruit

If you think the above rules are too complex, you can remember this here:

1. The greens can be eaten at all.
2. Sweet fruit have any sweet fruit and sweet berries, sour fruits have any acidic fruit and sour berries.
3. Fruits and vegetables.
4.Proroschennye grain separately.
5. Germinated beans separately.
6. Nuts separately.

Not necessarily all of them comply with constantly, but we need to remember them and to strive for simplicity in food. The most important rule - the fewer ingredients in your salad or any other dish, the better

! Listen to your body and be healthy! )


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