How to dry fruits and vegetables?

Basic food raw foodists are fruits and vegetables, which are especially numerous in the summer time, but what do you do raw foodists at another time of year when it is very difficult to get these products. In this situation, save the dried fruit to be harvested in the summer. It should be noted that it is possible not only dry fruits, and vegetables, and it can be done at home without Electric driers.

As for dried foods, they contain a lot of vitamins and serve as the main food raw foodists in the winter time. Keep dried fruits and vegetables should be in pouches, jars and boxes, which are previously well dried. Storage of dried product involves constant ventilation that is necessary to ensure good air circulation. To date, several methods of drying isolated summer products. The natural method is to contact food direct sunlight, causing them to heat up and dry. Also, many people are dried fruits and vegetables in the ovens. This method is considered especially important, if for a few days, the rain, and you can not bear fruits and vegetables on the street. Almost every house has a raw foodists in electrical appliances such as electric dryers, which easily and quickly can be dried almost any food.

During the drying time is necessary to watch that you do not retain moisture fruits and vegetables as you can spoil your fun while chewing food. To dried fruits and vegetables, they need to start to prepare. Thus, these foods should be thoroughly rinsed and put on a dry cloth, which can be used instead of parchment paper. Then chop the fruit into slices and lay them uniformly. Remember that foods should be cut an average thickness as during drying they decrease.

If you choose to dry fruits in a natural way, the ideal place is the roof of the house or any other well-lit place. After three days, you can gently fold the dried fruit in a bag. For drying products in the ovens will be sufficient to warm it up to seventy degrees and dry for seven to twelve hours.


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