Interesting facts and myths about the raw food diet.

Today many people are switching to raw foods, the use of which is called the raw food diet, which is a whole philosophy of power. The fact that the thermally processed products lose their valuable qualities and properties, while raw foods rich in nutrients and vitamins. That is why raw foodists prefer the food in its original form, but it does not mean you have to eat raw fish or meat. Usually, raw foodists eat fruits, vegetables, dried fruits and nuts.

But this is not the staple food, as one can do a lot of useful and tasty dishes. Also, raw foodists can eat olives which are considered beneficial to human health. Buy olives in bulk, you can through the Internet as well as making a wholesale purchase, you will save their savings.

Due to the popularity of the philosophy of power, about the raw food diet there was a lot of myths and interesting facts, which we discuss in this article. Thus, the first myth says that the benefits of a raw food diet is only possible with the full transition to raw foods. It must be remembered that the raw food diet - this is not a temporary diet and lifestyle, which is a healthy type of food. In short, instead of fried vegetables, you eat raw foods that contain a lot more vitamins. With regard to the facts about the raw food diet, it is scientifically proven that daily use of beet juice makes a person much hardier. This was claimed by many athletes who before training drink beet juice. But remember that the juice should be consumed within two or three hours before physical activity and not on an empty stomach.

Another myth about the raw food diet - is to eat only vegetables and fruit. This is not entirely correct, as the true raw foodists include in your diet nuts, sprouted grains, soy and apple sauces, dandelions, seaweed and so on. You can also eat honey harvested in summer and dried fruits. In addition, after numerous studies have shown that raw food rejuvenates the body and strengthens the immune system. It is not surprising, because fruits and vegetables contain fiber in its composition, which helps cleanse the body. Thus, this substance displays the body of up to thirty percent of the toxins and unprocessed food that "clogging" the human intestine. Turning on the raw food diet, you can extend the life and increase the duration to lose weight.


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